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So tough times are with us – Mayor John Biggs


We’ve faced over a decade of cuts to public services under the government’s austerity programme. It’s been painful and many needy people have seen their support reduced. All services have faced pressure, while demand grows.

Coronavirus has shown the importance of public services but we are now being hit by bigger pressure just when we are needed more than ever. The economy threatens vulnerability to thousands of local families and we need to be there to meet many needs.

I know the country is in difficulty but the council is part of the front line. The handling of the Westferry Printworks planning decision highlighted a government that doesn’t seem to understand the needs and priorities of our residents.

So tough times are with us. Against this background I remain committed to continuing to the ambitious manifesto I was elected on.

From delivering 2,000 council homes, to bringing our waste service in house, cleaning up our air and our Tackling Poverty work we have made huge progress. I’ll continue to make the case to government about the needs of our community.