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Ayesha’s age – Mistranslation of information by Islamic people and non-Muslims blamed


Fatema Miah:


Islamic many data sources are incorrect, and ill informed, recording of data been restored and passed across to continents to continents, allowed people to take in accordance to their suitability for their communities. Often, the data or sources or the phrases been twisted to misleading, or taken for granted in abusing the system and misleading, by individuals.
Loving Allah, heart feeling gratification from my early childhood to strongest affirmed belief in youthood, and I believed Allah’s direction of light surely be at right time when there was no much sources available in UK, in my Youth days, (I had no answer to questions; who gave me this faith direction and in what sources of knowledge reference I spoke of Allah and Akhirath – here after). Jazak Allah khairaan. (Allahs abundant blessings to be on my sons.).
I was even restricted by the zeal, same ones did harm to me in all aspects of life, even from, to be able to reach the sources of teaching, of my quest for referencing about Allah that why my belief is affirm about Allah. Hell of a lot of pain was created for me, tactics played, obstacles and thorns were layed on the path even later on to prevent even my sons from getting correct Islamic education (by evil zeal of my nearest).
There in wider sphere, misleading information often been given with dismissive hiss. I had feelings that they certainly cannot be Islamic per Islam came as enlightenment with care and justice against oppression. Subhan Allah. My sons are best human and Muslims in term of logic. (Jazak Allahu Khairaan.).
I have been crying on my responsibility Allah entrusted upon me to guide two sons to guide them to be the highest Wise men. I was heart broken that I am the only guide to my both sons, when my strength wobbled. Specially to my noble, supreme personality eldest son, and both with highest personality and sophisticated mannered.
Their Jannah beneath my feet, I dread for such Allah’s unfair choice or deliberate push down on them. I wasn’t supported neither protected by Allah either, even in greatest UK I wasn’t safe, is it a test or lesson? I cried, my Prophet loving eldest son, and the world is so small for them, and disadvantages them to unfair level with a tight small sphere.
On the one hand, Muslims narrow ness, dismissive attitude and on the other, the logic and critical western world in what they belong to, and their faith, affirm in Allah in a critical world. Contrary, few worse of evils are in Muslims spheres.
My eldest son the greatest Muslim, Loves Muhammed pbuh to highest degree, he is a Greatest Muslim with Logic, and even going through facing worse of hell, when I often yelled, cried hell, my eldest son stood fast affirmed with greatest tolerance, never complained to Allah.
With a quest in eyes he very silently and softly seeks the right answers reference as what he deeply belief that Allah is greatest, Islam is as the word peace, irs worthy of its attribution and Prophet he loves so much he believes is fault- less always. and purest.
Further, my eldest son from his toddle age stage, since when he loved prophet Muhammed pbuh and still his eyes shines with same gloriousness about Prophet Muhammed pbuh. After all, his belief of Muhammed cannot be wrong anyhow to be criticize worthy by any non Muslims, or misrepresenting of hypocrites, in any era, and now he has got the correct reference source he felt what must have been, about Ayesha age, she was an adult even by todays Western time reformed category.
I often, lately in the past few years questioned Allah and sweared for wrong idiots criticisms are allowed, not corrected. My son stood affirm that idiots are sick minded on both sides. My eldest son often said, Iman has a big price, mum you said, and how the price wouldn’t be biggest for all the goodness of Jannah?
My sons took my little teaching so perfectly, way much more perfected than my teaching and enhanced in himself. (Jazak Allahu Khairaan.). It’s seems as my son is breathing with satisfaction of as a conquest. Masha Allah, indeed, for us prudential mentality beings, such evidence is highest of conquest.
University of Texas, Islamic research team worked out by calculation, through the year of Hijrath the migration of Prophet that Ayesha was 17 not 7 when she was martied and aged 19 not 9 when our prophet Muhammed pbuh consummated the marriage with Ayesha pbut for Ayesha’s willingness. Ayesha’s older sister, Abu-Bakr’s other daughter Asma was aged 29, who was 10 years older than Ayesha according to research finding, pbut. Subhan Allah.
I often asked, people and I raised it before imam Ghanam why our Muslims don’t look into it, go back and research on it. I was told to shut up and accept it, and to respect Islam without question (which i wasn’t questioning anyway), and defend Islam when non-Muslims criticising it. I was sure Allah knows worlds every stage of understanding ability and Muhammad pbuh also surely was remark-ably clean of any criticism.
Prophet Muhammed pbuh married his daughter Fatemah (pbut) at the age of 15 which is on the border line of 16 and western system approve such per its medically safe to do so.
There are world full of hypocrites make us stress and take good out of us. I was tortured by Bengali and Pakistani Muslims and Solihull Pakistani Muslims (not Solihull Bengali Muslims), the Bengali in London and few in Birmingham for raising such, when they were fired up combative, preaching hate speeches.
They got angy at me when I said, there is ambiguity about Ayesha’s age therefore, some misunderstanding or miss recording there are I believed because prophet Muhammed pbuh forward envisaging can never be such criticism worth. Their narrow mindedness and for lacking in understanding they take wrong meaning of what is said with pre-set assumptions.
Once in good way also a Pakistani woman said in soft sobbing manner that yes, truth we have to admit and because he’s prophet its done by Allah’s order. Doesn’t such makes Allah to be criticised? Specially, Allah allowed no loop holes for criticism to go against prophets pbuh. Vast majority of people go against logic and cry Islam and encourage attacks on Islam.
Some secret attacks on me; some kind of spell and I was fed some substances deceptively to make me ill. It’s true, I can say, ‘its difficult to be loved by idiots’, if Charlie Hebdo want to give message correcting it (They attack on the supporter, the messenger. )
Another fact is, Sunni sectarian group became largest, and with other sub sect. I am hated for speaking or writing logic, impartial and prudential. Because there Shiiet, by large with too extreme rituals practices a rift has been caused. And Sunni claiming Alh-e-al Sunnah taken lead.
Truthfully, a constructive criticism cannot be dismissed what I often rose is that it was Shiia, took the message of Islam across the world, from Karbala to Asia and Europe and those became later Sunny were there Yajids courtship followers, followers’ followers.
The Shia Muslims, the top few, even in todays date took Islam to, reached across to the far end of American continent. Its Shiia in Texas USA and Florida by research bringing out the missing data. Whereas, Shia-Sunni difference began in two vital main points, Shia point I respect per Mohamed pbuh, his family line, and regard to his closest one is appreciate-able.
From the Sunni point it would be like dynasty system, what prophet intended to break the culture of, to bring in diversity to form inclusion. I certainly respect and approve this teaching against dynastysm.
UAE, and central Arabs are just basking in the lime light per power and privileges of Holy relics under them. They are Sunni with formed Dynasty system. Truth cannot be denied that there in every small groups, even Jumm, the Friday prayers gets quarrelsome often with Dynasty force.
Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK. fatemamiah@mail.com