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Fatema Miah:


Year 2020 suddenly opened up to be  a recession year. COVID-19 forced the entire world to  a credit crunch, along with the crises of pandemic  threats to humans life, to health and forced to future cognitive disfunctionality what forseen to be decelerating in progressive rate as it was going up.

We, in our generation have seen and made the vast possible progress of human race reached to an incredible hight of all aspects. It was predicted, per the progesive speed it was moving at a fastest motion, to come to a halt if not crushed down.  This year 2020 bore the world to a halt.

To attention of Ryhan Ahmed Topadar.

I am afraid I cannot work out which is the surname so just wrote as the name as it appeared on the article, so I beg for a pardon.

As  he raised a good topic  of unemployment risen by COVID-19, I agree, like I often do agree with his few others topics too.

As he at the end of his last article wrote;

“Today’s lack of international leadership makes matters worse. If Covid-19 can teach world leaders the value of working together to avoid common catastrophes, future global emergencies will be that much easier to manage for the good of all. Unfortunately, that’s not the path we’re on.”

I agree and I want to know what is his suggestion here on this matter?

May I add my opinion that is,  We writers need to reflect on our own thought process, we need to reevaluate our ideology about worlds matter, versus the overal world’s and  its political and social stance and differences.  As he is refering the blame to lacking of international dealership. May I contradict that its not the leadership lacking surely, it’s the lacking in synchronicity.

It’s not also the  top politicians’ either to be held responsible, there rather,  misplaced power, misguiding ideology of random twasted of  trivial over serious issue made to be fashionized.

it’s more of some, the large number, at the lower  tiers needs to be focused on. May be control, it is an issue, as well as the necessity.

As an example:

Would  people of the circle of the Bangladeshi politicians,  authority, even some so called working people, take international leadership, the dictation,  to be dictated or guided?  It’s the people at certain level are vast managing issue comes up in dealing with them. Yes, undeniably, dictation of control or abuse is a fear factor too.

Asia and Africa is a matter of control issue, where they need dictation and equally, the dictation it’self they fight to come out of to irony of further multiple dictational systems.  They learn hypothetical liberty phrases to sing and to fight,  and they do abuse the aspect and fall to be cheated under the aspect.  Then ongoing in  need for resolving issues are crelated what takes more time and energy in dealing or shedding lights on.

As such catch 22 situation of circles goes on and on.

There also differences of ideologies and practices people hold on to with priority.

How do they expect the international leadership to be effective?

We must hold debate session and put the topic of discussion with opinions into articles.

What do you say?

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK   fatemamiah@mail.com