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Islam is humiliated because of Muslims’ lacking in prudency.

Fatema Miah:
My dua for those been hurting me deliberately,  with  intention, by plotting with zeal  and for  their sick and bad mindedness, throughout my life.  My feeling saying/crying someone or some people are not happy, feeling pain and I feel sad too for that.

During  hajj, in 2018.
Eventually, per stress in hajj,  I had a hard break down in the lift and ended in canteen. I screamed, and Ubaid Ullah Amini offered help.  From there it turned to a different direction.  The men there spoke out. People began to take note of her evil acts. In mina she used all her best of abusing power to harass me.  In Arafath the mentioned  woman was caught up and  humiliated and therefore in Majdulufa we were, me and my sons  separated and taken with few caring people Under Ubaid Ullah Amini, after Mina and Arafats incidents.  Jazak Allahu khairaan.
Throughout, in the Canteen, people took good care of me.  Once in on the ccoach journey, I was in physical pain and couldn’t stop crying tears, a man in the coach kept bringing me snacks, (free given to them by Saudi), he bought be some (may be to  cheer me up, hhh). I must add,  funny thing is, as usual of our UK Muslim habit of saying is it halal? My son pressing his voice down said Mum its hajj and we’re in Saudi not England, of course everything halal here, people will  be offended if you ask such qiestions.
I was reading Quran, in Mina. This woman came up to me and said what you reading don’t read, she snached it off me, said its not Quran. I didn’t reply, took it back off her hand and started reading, to avoid her evil play.  It is the real, actual Arabic Saudi Quran of Heram of Makkah.  I with permission took it with me. The Pakistani women were besides me, they were displeased of that Bangali woman’s ill and disgraceful attitude and one of the women said, when you come to next stopping point let me have read, and she read a bit and returned it back to me.  Women there spoke of  her evil,  saitan liar on my return because she made up lies about my dress and proven wrong and she is a liar.
Then she twisted all the men, including imam, kari Ubaid Ullah Amini.  They all varified she is making up lies. Lies about my dresses and  they all  got Quran varified it was Quran. She was proven saitam and liar though nothing stops her, she  continued with more ill evil. Constantly, going around to my space, pushing, hudding,  shoving, and kicking around. Those people near me watched and voiced.
Eventually, she got someone to come to me, of sick and thick, another twat like her, she requested with sobbing acting face  to help her to go to wash  area. I did push my self to please the evil acting woman I and others  knew she is evil acting. The other woman wanted to access my bags and she did and wanted to take my underwear out and she did. (Hajj was the biggest point in life for me and I wanted best of it.).
Also men played continuously ill on her finger points. I was told her husband shouted at her at Arafath for her nasty evil acts there, in front of everyone.  In Makkah, she played the same continuously.  In the Heram Sharif, I was given some books by Arabian other  Hajjis,  the pilgrims, to read, the books were with duas, the verses of protection from evil saitan and the evil people. I read them there, she wasn’t allowed to approach me, when she came towards me, she was stopped   by those Arabian women gave me the books and the guards, with protection, they  created space for ne in the middle of those Arab group.

On my return, to the hotel room a men came in, when I told my sons  to read a long dua kunuth  of the given  book, its about protection from magic tactics, a man rushed in and took the books out of our room, he searched like it was a weapon against him, because it was the woman told them about those books.

Me and my sons were feeling agitatedly unwell and disturbed what began from Airport when the women did that whisper and the both woman and man seems to be didn’t  want us to be cured.  The man was very unsettle, had impulsive reactive manned and had comprehension issue, it seemed he  wasn’t cognitively functioning right, and looked as he was in hypnotised mood.  Jalil a Bengali work man there in Makjah Hotel  spoke about the odd behaviour of the memtioned particular man too.

The man took the books out, and my sons said, Allah will protect us anyway, books not needed for that.  Quran is fine enough  and me and my brother read Quran when we go in the Heram Sharif anyway. I said, true and so do I.  I then after reading a Quran in the Heram Masjid, thought of to take it to Hotel room. I asked a guard, how to get permission. She replied, she doesn’t know office is over  there.
I went to the office and took permission. It was granted by the head guard and with  respect other guards in the other stops continued by pointing on the CC TV they know its approved, me to carry on.  Our team, organisers  saw that. Still this man came forward and hissed and his woman, hell of devils.
I continued reading the Quran chapters from it, and took on from other copies at Heram Sharif.  I took it with me to Mina to read, In Arafath, and in Majdulifa I couldn’t read because of poor lighting there. In Mina, her aim was  harassing. What am i reading? I shouldn’t read, I shouldn’t pray, my hajj not to be performed. I didn’t know who she was and why she was doing all these, neither she replied   who she is. All I could see (not only fitna,)  she was a devil of hell present there.  I was frightened of her.
I was scared of her whispering magic power, constant evil tricks. Men saw, spoke and took no strong action.  It’s the same women I mentioned in Other articles, Muslims odds, etc., In Makkah, few other women from London said, excuse me, this woman pointing at her, said, doing totka, whispering on you  making you ill. I was already shaking with dreadfully  blacked out, only happened when she is around. I cried, sister why you doing this? I do no harm anyone, never to you, I in fact  am helpful to entire world, I am caring to any one near to me, at present, she with evil twisted  face walked away.
Those woman said, her husband fancy you, he’s over there,  I screamed, what, why, brother, I got hijab on, all covered up. I don’t know you.  Those women said he know you for long time ago from London.  I was shaking, he tried to say something, he was saying somethings though I for fainting miserably couldn’t hear him and for my such state maybe be he backed off.   I managed to  get up, mindless, blank, and walking around, some people guided me the way to hotel, I recall it.  They, in colaboration, caused hell harassment on me.  Women were worse evil.
That woman’s husband probably, (came out, ) or shook off,  of her evil tactics spell, we were in ease for a bit, then in Madina she got more volunteers of evil minded sick and thick towards to dance on her finger again, they all were humiliated by the work people, the cleaners there too, for trying to  mislead the cleaners with lie stories.
How people can be such low level sick after humiliated by  workers, hotel cleaners  in Makkah, she tried again in Madina.  I stood up on jihad anyway after Mina, despite I humbly melted softest in Arafat for my Hajj, at the present of Allah.  On return I stood back strongest throughout Makkah to Medina.
(previous article Muslims odds,  lotter to saint, and psychology and society, etc,.). I had severe spellso of upset mindedness about those people and their Ill acts there. Otherwise, prayers and hajj I was well clearly focused about, I am surprise.
There they were working as a whole large team, caused hassle to rest of the people. They, fell hard on and hit hard on my brain.  Memory flashed off, (dead) in intermittent mode about the ill attacks. I was chased and almost killed by pushed into on coming traffic, in Madina.  Do they have justification for  that too.?

One thing was, a huge change was there about food in Madina at the end. I was surprised from a random conversation and of my comment on unnecessary bad types of too many  items, simple good food would cost them less money and less labour of those men cooking in hottest atmosphere, they actually did change the food in the last few days.

Fatema Miah, Solihull. UK.   fatemamiah@mail.com