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Capitalism and international lead.

Fatema Miah:

Its matter of time and measure, for actions to be taken to bring big changes. Usually, circumstances emerge and force to certain decision on the spar of the moment, push to a whole turning on in to a new direction, and that  action marks in the history.    2011 was a great widening scope of global integrational inclusivity and UK Blair term of  ‘Moderation’ for Islam  what was politically made invitation of  and later demand was made  for it to be, therefore  Arab region was under focus for moderation or to be reformed and there reformation was called for upon Middle East.
It was a by chance, misfortune of Power plyers made  to be challenged,  to be pushed off, and consequently, some leaders have been  pushed off the world’s political sphere, where they have had dag their heels into, sat in as the legendary power holding figures in the Middle East, and they were making impact on worlds politics, effecting the entire worlds dealings. A co-writer wrote there is lacking in ‘international leadership’  this week.  May I remind the phrase ‘violence’ in world’s leadership subject.
War on Terror been summoned, and some regions were challenged, right, so too there some Steps of turning took place across specially Asia.  Some marked changes have been made remarkably,  during the war on terror time, or through it, anyway, it was a totally waste of worlds energy, because the whole focus was a misled mission, neither it brought any tangible result, except for USAs super power was diverted in one direction of War mongering and their nuclear productivity was directed to dust-making of Afghanis mountainous valleys.
Lets brush through touching on Sorel, who was an educated idealistic person and he was naïve in his thinking of violence.  There is always an element within a group who will use “unauthorized ” ‘violence’ for their own means, looting for example. There, the death of Bouazizi it was “the final straw”. Sorel’s notion of political myth may help us to understand contemporary political events.  When emotivism and intuitionist approach to human motivation is misguided, it can be dangerous.
In April of 2011 Bouazizi’s family dropped their complain against the officer who was held responsible for his death, in what they described as an act of reconciliation for the people of Sidi Bouzid.  Furthermore, the Arab Spring did not, of course, bring the wave of democratic transformations that many had hoped for at the start.  Since 2011 there have been many more acts of self-immolation, both in North Africa and around the world (well over 100 in Tibet alone, in protest at Chinese rule), very few of which have garnered even a fraction of the attention paid to Bouazizi, or inspired wider protests.
None of that, however, really tells against Sorel’s theory. In particular the factual details of a story were unimportant to him, what matters is the power of the original, simple story to galvanise people to action. It is the emphasis on myth and action that leads many to see Sorel as a dangerous theorist, who ‘eviscerates’ politics of its rational elements. However, he felt that he had discovered the well-spring of political action for the ordinary member of the proletariat.
To focus on proletarians we must go totally back, and walk from Aristocratic, through capitalism, towards communism by shedding lights on socialism, Marxist, to liberalism, checking through proletariat, and must reflect on modern day socialists approach. The Modern day socialists are far and few many. The picture of Modern day Socialists, they advocate socialism, a Modern day socialist by riding in an Uber, go to McDonalds and from there, s/he posts on social media using an iphone.
The modern day liberalism, it seemed to be better fit for the modern world of high human capital way better than the old “rightish” model of “dim-witted” peasants, which by the aristocracy, the “old leftish model of gormless”, the proletarians it seemed properly led by the party. For the Economist, “Open Future The power of liberalism can combat oppression in all its forms,”.
Anyway, we seem to be all over the places.  USA, white superiority is domineering. China running with misguided communism, when west fought against communism, China allowed dominant in worlds economy. Worlds under USAs liberty phrased ideology speaks of capitalism against old aristocracy, USA is prominent on higher tier of Social Darwinism.
The United States what is described as a “capitalist” economy. The term coined by 19th-century German economist and social theorist Karl Marxto, it is a describe system which is with a small group of people those do control a large amount of finance, the  capital and they make the vital  world’s economic decisions.
International banking is in implementation. There is Worlds financial market is regulated under international banking legislative regulation, which is running under capitalism.
Worlds vast successful progressive phase has been under capitalism. Communism, Socialism, or Liberalism did not prove to be promising for the world’s progress.  Now, when talking about International leadership, its clearly pushes under the capitalists and are worlds politicians willing to be dictated, to be led by capitalists’ leadership in an agreement without any disagreement?
The capitalism is in lead anyway and the proletarian fitted within it.
Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK.      fatemamiah@mail.com