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A culture created to norm- made into faith.   


Fatema Miah:

Politics is abused. Freedom of speech is oppreseed. Political correctness has shoved the correctlness away as I phrased this  several years ago. There is a petition against Harrow councillor Mr Chana, to remove him from his councillor’s post for speaking out of his understanding from experience.  Mr Chana has right of his freedom of expressions I attest, because Muslims are worse and vastly suffering causing by few Evil so-called Muslims and truth cannot be denied.
Instead of Muslims reflecting on to check for correcting any mistakes, Muslims humiliating Islam,  abusing Quaran and fightIno wrongly  to promote filth in the name of Islam.  Why in this case , steps not taken in,  to speak to Mr Chana, to support him in his concern, to comfort him,  to polish up any misunderstanding,  and to advocate for forum  to be implemented to work  for the betterment of society and to promote a safe, cohesive society for all communities.

Now a days its social media taken over what was before the magazines for the salacious sagacious topics. There’s no escape from stories about the inhumane things some people do to others.  From the social media to the news, covered in with people do to one another.  There’s a stream of disheartening information. However, its important to remember that events what become newsworthy when they are unusual, not necessarily facts always.
What draws attention most often it is depends on what’s societal hypocritical have made the aspect that  people made up to a play factor of ideology.  Low minded and ill though, with lacking in wisdom, are in by large clever to sly and sneaky, they are many and vast majority. Even than, from them and among them, nothing to be surprizing about, also they most by large are caring when they made to face or brought to attention of their ill talked, actions to be topic of matter.
Its also cannot be denied that most people are compassionate and understanding; also caring that they go out of their way to help others. It’s at the start of the moment people fail before their inner low side, or to the inner sickness, weakness of mentality and to zeal, and reaction, by Saitan too, people add, join in, by pouring down their dark side to the aroused situation /incident/ occurrence or scenario, without giving it a thought.
World is the mingle yarn of both good and ill, indeed. Therefore, we human are with both good and bad reactions, more or less, one way or the other.  People are full of philosophy often, eager to tell others, and in  haste they nurture with zeal by forcing on others with often false accusation purely from their own zeal assumption.  There are good philosophies and random nonsense utterances.  There are many surely don’t or haven’t been expressed their philosophy to share out.
Human being have differences in general understanding, mater of perception, reason, validity and approved or disapproved values, after all, overall, in one stage people are same is to empathy and reasoning, this is how here in the world one human law of sensibility.  Those faces are at the forefront of care, charity, in humanitarian works, and in foremost in community orientation appear to be worse ruthless, cruel and at least hiss at some wrong people and  few innocent individuals  who are the victims.
Sadly, the Asian society Men and women may be more worse in bullying, by large in Muslim communities it has become a norm and known culture.  Men known for to be controlling, per physical power abusing capability and for some cases of idiotic though by painfully shame acts against women. In my life time observations what I saw in those cases other women were root cause and nurturing and fuelling too, in the victimising cases against women.
In the last 2 decades, there in Asian communities, Bengaly  by large,  when I remained remotely far off them, there  men are  by large suffering worse, deprived of; love, due respect, freedom of expression to freedom of choice, trapped in, enforced to kind of labour for earning and slaved into family, still unappreciated, forced to lowered category,  living up to others expectations by killing their self desire, wishes, and they go around bitting other innocent suffering women (and unnecessarily non- Muslim hate also  in them) faulting and mocking  around, sadly they are acting Muslims.
Within them, in their circles, there they are while muddling up each others life, adding fuel in every mess, simultaneously, they are alert and readily attentive to each others  in helping and sharing one and others problems. They are together  shouldering all the burdens  of each others, while adding  garbage to the burden.  It’s their mental sickness, they made into a Culture,  is so ruthless, psycho, pushy, unpleasant often, (what was given as example Changezi type, not Bengali Babu type at all).
They all are seems to be in rage, for helping others. (Gross motor is another factor in them.)  Funny it is, and  Islam and Islamic work with rage again they  frowning as  it is must  work they doing, though with sick evil approach  of  styles what are un-Islamic, forbidden,  Haram.  People went to, as  Hajj group, some men ran and are into pornography business and spoke sick haram there.  Those few men don’t have any spiritual droplet of faith or fear.  Only fear they have is of the Saudi strict law, not Allah’s law.
I empathise the atheists or the polytheists, and non-Muslims those faced these disgusting evils.  They are those  very few men, those  abuse women with power tactics to scare them to any level after all in their own vicinity  they are oppreseed, living in unrespect relation,  unloved and in hostility. Few Bengali men,  I called Allah there not to allow disgrace to Islam, are worse criminal minded, ill thinkers and  haram talkers.
Ahlaq, Islamic manners non-exist in them, though they Voluntarily  in long Islamic dressing.  They play in other men’s wives’ secret plan against their husbands, those women are in Avaya and niqab Burqua.

All together, I was shockingly surprise they all played haram, un-Islamic. Majority Muslims need teaching of what are Haram. They are among  those whom neither western value respective, they are the people do pull the  race cards in UK, Hindu haters in Asia, at the same time into all haram acts.
Fatema Miah, Solihull. UK           fatemamiah@mail.com