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Brexit is a concern matter cannot be ignored

Fatema Miah:

Brexit is a  vital factor for UK and its negotiation process and dealing must be given highly attention   by Brits for everyone’s well beings concern. The COVID-19 taken whole   focus out of everything else to only the pandemic itself.
Referring to Ryhan Ahmad Topadar on Brexit article, Thank you for sharing  your thoughts on Brexit. Indeed Toffee baking is a fragile task, if the syrup for toffee left in the over for too long instead of baking into toffee it turns rock- hard to  cinder.  Though for Brexit topic you choose ‘toffee’  and I rather pick ‘milk’ as an example, for milk it won’t burnt to be ruined to be inedible item, for milk, if not to desired curd at least will turn into cheese.  Brexit  is  more fragile than toffee making or diary products making and handling. Even if it has to be, Brexit is welcome and British will find ways to manoeuvre around back rubbing with Europeans as usual of Brits tact and diplomacy.
Brexit better not to take place  as I see from my standing  point,  what I see it as Britain falling in fools market dealings. More of Brexit is USAs ideal matter  not UKs much gain in it. USA since its standing up as the dominant, desire to pocket UK what they couldn’t because of Britain for being interwoven into EU. USA had tried and for the EU or the allied power USA don’t try its dictional desire over Europe neither pushes to intervene in because they know the EUs strength.  USA is the known  super power, and power of it isn’t liberty what they made using the phrase, USAs power is with the Zionists genius skills, Capital and tactics.
USAs not only desire, the international powered Zionists’ political leads, USA, will be at fast rate, race to overwhelm UK under its ideology for the modernity of accustomed technology and capital  market features the world is soaked under. UKs ethics of many aspects like  environmental care,  preservation, heritages, and etc are well matched accommodational to Europeans per for the similarity or share of mere  traditions. Whereas, USA what was made by breaking some of part  of those, then they made their own picture of the fuelling of power desire was inflamed to fullest by those angered filled  Europeans, the reserved Jews suffered  from Europe they went to and with rage they  dug their heels in with skills and capital, empowered USA as fuelled the giant rocked.
USA is the Universal power and the giant powered rocker. There in USA superiority over inferiority is the  known factor nurtured  cannot the ignored that it is as aspect of irony what was from the birth of oppressions by power  and hatred in Europe and by Europeans.  The power is in play with capital  and advancements of inventory.  At the  core of inventions are the Zionists skills and mind power in the latest.  The Jewish skills and capital was abused in Europe.  The Jews were exterminated inhumanely and  thrown out of Europe their centuries long homeland  and at the final  rescue point  Zionism was born, or made to being. The Zionists again don’t care as much for the general Jewish over their  power desire.  (Einstein’s knowledge used against Einstein’s own will by Zionists for their power building.)
Whereas about UK, or British, at its foulding down of its wings from across the world, had to push its  foot in, to make standing stone to be with its European neighbouring, otherwise Brits would have pushed back to its Ireland to be limited in. And by doing so, its UKs hand in it to Zionists rising up and directing  some to there in USA and USA allowed the ones with vast skills and capitals. USA took full advantage of their skills, genius and capital and became a super power and a threat.  UK needed here European Union, otherwise, USA, the power giant would have swallowed up UK by already.  Now, Brexit, isn’t a great safe guarding for UK neither capital saving market deal.
Churchill was ruthless in Empire running desire that’s true,  though he wasn’t stupid for thought about UE.  Churchill, was well distance focused, he could see USA power flame and its speedway. There Churchill shouldered to USA Roosevelt, here he created Union of Europeans, simultaneously he hankered down in Arab region by handing over share power.  It’s shame and sad factor, in doing all this, there vast oppression matters caused and  social Darwinism came in being nurtured.   European Union was made to safeguard Britain to  allied union-ship.  Who says, the same allied union-ship  isn’t needed for UK anymore?
If Britain has to come out of EU  and if it does, I still will take it with respect. Though, UKs divided politicians better not forget UK is an Ireland on its own with its internal divisions and there USA with it’s fox like mouth wide opened, will find the barns shatter open, and no hunters around.  Brexit surely will give more strength to USA, overall.
If Brexit has to be, its welcome and British political experts no doubt will find ways to maintain a balance dealing with tact and diplomacy.
Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK          fatemamiah@mail.com