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France in Focus.

Fatema Miah:

Democracy is a compulsory  system, not just a mere voting in an election. Democracy is an ideology it entails freedom of voice, freedom of choice, eligibility of rights.  UK a lead example of diversity must tell France to make an amendment of democracy standard of politically correct system in their law and order for the benefit of all. It’s not only matter of Muslim sensitivity, its the matter of French people the future generation to be enable of global interconnectivity and acceptability of differences with understanding of respect on mutual exchanges.

France’s progress pace was slow in large part, for the result of the slow expansion of the French population. French was on low mark, relative in population in comparison to population growth in virtually all other countries of Europe. During the 19th century, the British population increased by about 350 percent, when the German population increased by about 250 percent, and on the overall European population was more than doubled.  The French population increased only by 40 percent what made it to be about a 39 million.
France’s low birth-rate was made ‘the explanation’ by the persistence of the peasantry size ideology what was forced upon.  There an idea of an absolute size made to be. Although, the total population   declined by it, to a fraction. Peasants were typically forced to limit family size because they were earning a very small income. Until the 1880s. In the 1850s the government undertook a massive program of urban reconstruction  the leadership of the George Eugène, baron d’Haussmann. Haussmann made the biggest change of demolished many buildings, widened up the streets, and constructed a massive network of waterworks and sewers.  Haussmann’s  rebuilding, transformed Paris from a medieval city into a modern city.
In Arab, a war took place between the Arab Hashemite Rulers of new stablished Kingdom of Syria, and France. The French force defeated Hashemite in a serious of climax of battle. The Hashemite monarch King Faisal and his supporters were forced stopped to entering in the Damascus the Syrian Capital on the 24 of July 1920, for  the result of  defeated in battle. And a new pro French Government was declared in Syria, next day on the 25th.  The  Balfour declaration affirmed and Syke- Picot agreement as a Treaty signed.  Israel was made and the Palestinian people made to loose their houses and homeland.  A League Nations was formed and a mandate for Syria and Lebanon from 1923 to 1946 founded for Syria and Lebanon after the World War 1.
A France Spanish Treaty of  Aranjoez in 1779 was signed. Spain agreed to support France by declaring war on Great Britain and got involve in the American Revolutionary War or the War of Independence.  Further, about Syria, during of the WW ii, at the fall of France in 1940, Vichy Government took under it,  then British and France occupied it in July 1941. Syria proclaimed its independence and finally, it was recognised in January 1 in 1944 as an independent republic. The political economic upheavals and instability those Western Arabian regions people face and they Blame their European WW I resulted in 380,000 French casualties and 162,000 death and 330,000 German casualties and 143,000 death.  Then WW II broke out. German invaded France and UK with its colonial peoples support Freed France.
Europe has legacy of past ethnic cleansing propaganda, hate. Jews in by Nazis in Germany, Muslims, and Catalan by Spain, Kosovo and Siberians etc. Now France must be extra cautious not to repeat the footstep of their continental neighbours.  France must reform to diverse community cohesion to promote respect, for the world’s peace. Arabian regional people, the Muslims, known as Diaspora, many migrated to France after WW II, they are called the Maghrebi Communities of Paris. They are the people of France overseas Empire, from those former French invaded and ruled countries.  There also were small group of Muslims lived in Europe from 7th century onwards. French Muslims are rightfully entitled to respect for their values.   Therefore, in France Muslims for having equal right of citizenship, freedom of practice and respect of equal as all other ethnic French citizens so their  value of faith must be reflected.
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