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British Bangladeshi   Mohammed Sharzada  has created a board game.



British Bangladeshi who has created a board game. The board game, named as the “Slick Trader”, is an invention by Mohammed Sharzada. It is a board game packed with fun and laughter, where you compete to buy and sell different sectors of the stock market whilst navigating around tricky market prices and conditions. The concept is made simple so that adults and kids alike can all understand and appreciate it.

Mohammed is a First Class graduate of Mathematics, who has spent over 25 years in the financial industry working for some of the large institutions such as JP Morgan and Citibank.

“It has always been my dream to recreate some level of the adrenaline rush of a trading floor all in a board game. It’s a hobby that’s come to life with the help of my wife Khaleda and my kids, Omar and Yousuf assisting me with the design ”, said Mohammed. “It’s also been a long fascinating journey; started out by making the game on cardboard boxes and then to have this finished article has been fantastic. It was very important to me to have Slick Trader manufactured in the UK, helping our British industry.”