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Clinical trial of Indian Covid vaccine will be done in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is organising a series of clinical trial of Indian Covid-vaccine. Spokesperson of External Affairs Ministry Anurag Srivastava announced on Thursday while answering a question on vaccine cooperation.

On October 17-19, Indian health ministry and the concerned authority had a discussion with the counterpart of Bangladesh deciding to put vaccine under clinical trial in Bangladesh.
The detail of the scheme is being worked out and delegation sent to Dhaka in this regard.

Indian vaccine company Serum Institute-largest producer of all kinds of vaccine in the world had made an agreement with Bangladesh leading pharmaceutical company Beximco for joint production of Covid vaccine.

Once the vaccine is available in the market, Bangladesh will get first, said the agreement.

In the last joint consultative commission meeting between India and Bangladesh it was decided that both the country will cooperate with each other on the Covid vaccine.

Spokesperson also said PM Modi has also assured that once the Indian vaccine is ready, neighbouring countries will get priority to have it.

India has created two sets of training module for neighboring country where about 90 medical experts are included.
Other than Bangladesh, India had talked to Myanmar authorities as they were interested.

About air bubble, spokesperson said India and Bangladesh agreed on special commercial flights to carry passengers of both countries only.

Major airlines will soon start flying to India and Bangladesh. This has been done mainly to facilitate the journey of those who need medical treatment in India urgently.