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France in crises


Fatema Miah:


President Macron said Islam is in crisis, I agree, and so is France in Crises.

President Macron needs sympathy probably for his under-stress reaction with offset and upset minded reaction. Sympathetically, being a fellow continental neighbour, I believe to I give Macron and French politicians and law makers help, to invite them to a discussion to help them to a correct decision making.  It is COVID-19, a panic era, a stressful time and COVID-19 effected beings are according to research finding showing the signs of inability of cognitive full functionality, their minds affected and their concentration ability effected also, I wrote in my book New Phase of Evolution, available on Amazon.  It’s not always obvious signs of certainty about CCOVID-19 positive or negative, the tests aren’t always 100% accurate according to research teams.

France is in need and in crises. France needs help and support for a new urgent reformation.   Arab and Asian countries cannot be blamed for their reaction towards French trade for Frances such irrespective manner.  It’s not only about French Muslims, they are under repression, which is wrong anyway, per its constitutional discrimination, this Frances reaction is also not only world’s Muslims sensitive matter, it’s about political incorrectness and inappropriate.  Therefore, world’s leaders are voicing too. Worlds leaders, the responsible individuals are reacting too. Macron was plainly wrong in decision of putting the conflicting cartoon in large display. France authorities: Government to Judicial system seems to do not extensively, apply democracy appropriately, per its constituency paragraphs of rights are limited to Freedom of Rights of Speech stringency unexpansive, not expansive, what currently, under its 5th parliament reform.

President Macron must be made to reflect on his reactive action, and Ge must admit he was wrong for the display. Instead if the cartoon, the murdered teachers picture must have been portrayed up there with a message is that no murders allowed, the victims are heroes not the killers.  President Macron and French law makers need teaching in section if Rights, to understand the balance for the diversity respect and for the world’s peace. France cannot be rewarded for such law and order of discrimination and Islam hate. Worlds leaders, the responsible individuals are reacting too.

France was led to progressive direction by British and Muslims that France need to be reminded about, and history and reformation lessons must be given for the betterment of Frances future. A nation cannot progress without internal peace, for peace its needs respect and care, and to serve them its reformation needed.  Its worth reminding the Europeans past Chapters of History still alive and sore. Holocausts, and WWs are the mode day recent past history, I included in my book France in Focus.  From there, France itself, been reborn again and took its 4th parliament.   Unless, France willingly, looking forward to repeat the past European hate acts like Germany, Spain, Kosovo, Siberia, etc.,. It was a Muslim turned the Paris from a medieval city into a modern city. WWI resulted in 380,000 French casualties and 162,000 death and 330,000 German casualties and 143,000 death.  Then WW II broke out. German invaded France and UK with the colonial peoples support Freed France.

I alerted in the last articles, Europe has legacy of past ethnic cleansing propaganda, hate. Jews in by Nazis in Germany, Muslims, and Catalan by Spain, Kosovo and Siberians etc. When France must be extra cautious not to repeat the footstep of their continental neighbours.  France must reform to diverse community cohesion to promote respect, for the world’s peace. Arabian regional people, the Muslims, known as Diaspora, many migrated to France after WW II, they are called the Maghrebi Communities of Paris. My book France in Focus available from Amazon.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK .   fatemamiah@mail.com