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Muslim Professionals Forum calls for calm as COVID-19 cases rise


The Muslim Professionals Forum today called on fellow Muslims to remain patient as the numbers of those infected by and dying from COVID-19 in the UK continue to grow. As the third “lockdown” in the UK continues, more people than ever have been touched by the Corona virus.  Either they are ill themselves – or a family member or friend is ill.

We must ensure that we observe the current restrictions. We must all stay home. If we have to go out for a lawful purpose, we must observe social distancing and we must wear a mask.

Unfortunately, alarming, and often exaggerated, stories are circulating on social media – provoking stress and worry in the community.  We should act responsibly and refrain from spreading alarm and causing more distress.  Spending hours on social media can make us all feel agitated. Instead, spending time with our families and on quiet activities such as reading, meditation and praying together as a family will help us to keep calm and ready to face life’s challenges.

Muslim Professionals Forum Chair, Cllr Khaled Noor, said:

“The virus has exposed how vulnerable we all are, and these are difficult times for us all. We must all take our individual responsibilities to our families, to our communities and to our religion seriously. We must keep healthy in body and in mind and help each other to do so too. There is hope. Mass vaccination is now underway, and if we can be patient now we can defeat the virus.”