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Holy Relics must be sought to immediate  protection.  Turkey  matter  


Fatema Miah:

I respect Erdogan, and his stance as a Muslim though I forsee his decision about Hagia Sophia to turn it into a mosque, inviting conflict.  I disapprove this decision because its a povoking matter.  There are plenty of Mosques in the city for prayers, this Structure is matter of conflict and this decision is  inviting conflicts.

The Hagia Sophia as a museum is fine for the country, we visited there for a holiday. The Hagia Sophia  is a different attraction, for its building structure, for its history, and its  periodic time  there in the region, it invites more tourists for its European and Christian history interest  so it would be better to  leave it as it is. There are too many conflicting issues already across the world needs sorting so, they must not  create another issue.

For Islam love sake what Erdogan trying to

impose standing for Islam,   and the blinded worlds Muslims are praising Erdogan singing about him as a Muslim Hero, come on Muslims, wake up,  think and  speak up wisely.

There are plenty of Mosques across the world needs protection, and more places need mosques.  Please plan and work to  Protect those mosques are already in placed.  Please fear unnecessary conflicts.  In Istanbul Mosques are empty at most of the times, when in places there aren’t even a single mosque for essential Friday and Eid Jamaths.  If Turkey, Erdogan  wants to provoke West, by Hagia Sophia, I am  not on his side.  Erdogan, didn’t speak up about the Uyghur mosque in China, when Erdogan is Chinas ally.
I am not impressed about this provoking of Hagia Sophia to be turned into a Mosque from a Museum. Rather, I suggest Hagia Sophia to be turned into an educational institution, a centre  of Multi faith study, centre of inter faith  culture and heritage, what would make it the world’s attraction centre.   Turkey itself is a cradle of worlds civilisation which our past historian said, also what I am adding is, Turkey is a key centre point of  teaching of multi culture, mukti faith, evolving history of civilisations, and it’s the page marked changing chapter of crusades. Crusades what marked black-bloody-dark long era of melancholy. A long tale of many phase chapters with bloodsheds for the possession over Jerusalem, ended with rise of Ottoman.
It’s Turkey marked the higest jump of evolution. Yes, evolution.

Constantinople has a lengthy history. This great evolution turned history over.  For Muslims, not only, it was not a mere victory in Europe, it was a new phase began, as an evolution. The face of earths history, system and culture changed by full scale. World changed to a new enlightening.

The Giant Ottoman empire began by  Usmani. The Khelafath took on, turned it in a different direction and expanded across, from Asia, Through Europe to Africa. Islamic Holy places came under and well protected and  managed by Ottoman.
The Ottoman, or the Usmani, was heavy handed on its ruling, dictation was on the political stance, for Islam or on the Islamic practice it was easy, relaxed what by the Europeans or negligence you can say from Islamic perspective. Teaching and learning of Islam wasn’t its priority. I wrote in detail in my book Varied Expressions. It was more of politics, and power, and dictation was its prime focus on.  Some practices were not praise worthy in Ottoman. Pompous and tier system was in high practiced.  Slaves rapture  and even worse its  systematic abuses on human beings, uh, sadly inhumane treatment was in by legalised. I wrote about Hareem in my book the Varied Expressions.

The rise of Ottoman marked  interestingly into history chapter as well as it brought the gest and aroma to history, by interconnecting the world, by faith, politics, culture and Asia to Europe. Turkey itself standing by its legs  in both Asia and Europe continent, arms across to Africa and Russia.  Ottoman exercised might as right.   Stanbul the capital of Turkey,  what is in Europe, is the part of Constantinople.

The conquer of Constantinople was the greatest history mark on earths record. In the same city of Stanbul there are countless Mosques. It’s a city of Mosques.  A Mosque at a  every step within a feet apart. Endless Mosques in a world tourists attraction city, where no many Mussallis or the praying Muslims around there to pray in those mosques. The mosques are empty, walking by passing across by the tourists like any normal visiting public places.
Holy relics kept in display in Tapkapi palace there in Istanbul. Subham Allah, I was deeply touched by the Holyness of the Holy Relics and extremely pleased to witness, see, touch and feel and so were my Prophet loving sons.  Alhamdulillah!  The Tapcapi Palace in itself there are inner sections of Mosques in there. Further the famous Blue Mosque, the land mark Muslim symbol  is there as a Mosque for prayers, where they recited Quran Wrongly, like Pakistani pronunciation of letter Dhad, as Zhad. I explained Zhad, Dhad conflict in my book Reiterating Uunspoken. Which is incorrect and forbidden, and wrong, haram in another word. It was Friday Jumna, the congregation, we attended in Blue Mosques me with sons and Mr Miah.
Cutting back to Erdogan’s decision of to turn  Hagia Sophia into Mosque, It’s a provoking act as it was Europeans centre attraction. If European any country go and invade Istanbul now, Turkey what is hanging by a thread string to Europe just by Stanbul, will fall off the string and be left in with its  Asian rest of the country.  Even they don’t have right to their bosphorus water, no right of way or access, neither right of speech over it. Not to overbeat the bush. Another few years till 2023 Turkey  is bind in  that Erdogan should have  thought about. Further, Turkey threatened its European counter part by declaration of Cyprus partition.

I believe its time to move the Holy Relics out of Istanbul soon, immediately.