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After a few weeks battling Covid whilst on ventilation, Enam-Ul Haque Chowdhury  has passed away.


Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Caterers Association UK  Enam-Ul Haque Chowdhury  has passed away on the 19th of February 2021- Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un- he was 59. He was so passionate about mainstream politics in the UK and Business politics. he was always giving back to charity.

Enam-Ul Haque Chowdhury was born and studied in Bangladesh before arriving to the UK in 1986 to study Business Management at Luton University. Aer completing his studies he moved to Swindon. Realising his ambitions within the catering industry Mr Chowdhury opened his first restaurant in 1991 the Ganges Indian takeaway which became an instant hit with the locals in the area. is gave him the inspiration and confidence to open his second business the Ganges Indian Restaurant in 1993.e business has won many awards and accolades. Mr Chowdhury’s varied business interest includes catering, Investment and property development in the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. He is the founder of MIJ group. He is the Chairman and CEO of Greentech Developers (UK) LTD which has been awarded by the ICT Ministry of Bangladesh To Develop Bangladesh’s first Soware Park at Janata Tower, Dhaka. He is a non-executive Director of the five star hotel Dhaka Regency located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition, he is also establishing a new luxurious hotel venture in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is the founder of ahiria Mohila Academy in Shahbagh, Bangladesh, and the Chairman of the trustee board of Shahbagh Jamea MQU trust. Also, he is the founder of Guljarunesa and Jasmin medical centre in Shahbagh, Zokigonj. He is also the founder and CEO of the BestChildren international charity which was founded in 2000 in the UK. He is the National Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Caterers Association UK. e founder life member of London Bangla Press Club . He started his political ambition back when he was in University as an active International student union member. He has been Deputy Chairman of Royal Wootton Bassett & District Conservatives for the last 8 years, Honorary Vice President of Conservative Friends of Bangladesh, he was appointed as a TEAM-2015 Team Coordinator by Conservative Campaign Headquarters London, it was a very important voluntary position which helped win the 2015 general election. He is a member and actively involved in the international rotary club, he has assisted in various charitable and philanthropy related projects in the U.K and Bangladesh. He has recently been appointed a member of the police independent advisory group (IAG). He is a member of William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation millennium network. He is a civilian sponsor for International student of DEFENCE ACADEMY of e United Kingdom since 1999. A committee member of Queen’s Diamond jubilee celebration 2012. Recently he has been appointed as a community governor at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, UK. In 2009 Enam with other high profile members of the Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) community from UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Africa and the Middle East created the NRB Worldwide Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, by the development and promotion of the knowledge and skills as a common base for intellectual exchange to support the enrichment of Bangladesh. He is one of the founders of Jalalabad Association UK. Mr Chowdhury has been previously awarded the Special Citizen Privilege Category” A” (CIP) from the Government of Bangladesh. He has attended many International seminars and Conferences including one in October 2009 ideas and innovation for the Development of Bangladesh: THE NEXT DECADE at Harvard University, Boston, USA. Mr Chowdhury is married for 29 years to Jasmin Chowdhury the couple have been blessed with three sons.