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BNP warns against govt conspiracy to kill its men

BNP-led 20-party alliance today issued strong warning against the government’s

conspiracy to kill opposition men by giving “license to killing” to law enforcement

agencies and party cadres.

The opposition alliance also said the ruling high-ups are provoking its party criminals to

take law in their hands through advocating in favour of shoot on sight and extrajudicial


In a statement, the 20-party platform called upon all members of law enforcement

agencies to discharge their duties lawfully and impartially.

“They [members of law enforcement agencies] are not our opponent and neither are we

their archrival. We hope they will stand in favour of people’s aspiration and will refrain

from carrying out any illegal and unjust orders.”

Undersigned by BNP vice-chairman Selima Rahman, the statement termed 11 opposition

leaders and activities died since January 5 in the hands of law enforcement agencies

and ruling party cadres “martyred hero” and expressed highest gratitude for their role in

restoring the country’s democracy.

“The ruling party and the government must take responsibility for each of the killing and

involved persons will be brought to justice in future.”

The statement warned the government of dire consequences for the government’s bid to

contain the opposition’s movement through oppression ignoring requests from home and

abroad to resolve the political crisis through political way.

On the killing of innocent people and criminal activities, the statement said the real

culprits must be arrested and punished through trial after a fair investigation.

Earlier in the day, BNP joint secretary general Rizvi Ahmed protested the statement of

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who termed Khaleda Zia a killer and gave threat to try her

like a murderer.

He called upon the leaders and activists of the 20-party alliance to continue the

movement including blockade until the rights of vote is restored.