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Police to investigate Khaleda’s link with subversive acts, PM tells JS

The prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, on Wednesday told parliament that law enforcing

agencies would investigate the link of Khaleda Zia with the recent subversive activities

and take step whether she would be charged in this connection.

Replying to a supplementary question from treasury bench member ABM Tajul Islam

during the prime minister question hour in the house, Sheikh Hasina said the country was

running smoothly and progressing as well after the January 5, 2014 election.

But Khaleda Zia being anxious with the progress and failed to draw public support to her

politics, preferred destroying peace from public life and encouraging bomb attack, killing

and other subversive activities which she also followed prior to the January 5, 2014


To coordinate the unruly activities, Sheikh Hasina said, Khaleda Zia was staying in party

office instead of her home and innocent people including children, women, public

transport drivers were falling prey of their political wrath.

The prime minister said, ‘It is quite natural to bring anyone under the law on charge of

giving order. The law enforcing agencies will deal with the matter and they will take step

about making charge against Khaleda Zia instigating the recent killing, bomb attack and

arson,’ she said.

Sheikh Hasina urged the countrymen to help the law enforcing agencies in curving

unscrupulous activities of Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami, particularly

patrol bomb attack and putting public transports on fire using gunpowder.

Replying to a written question from treasury bench member Mustafizur Rahman

Chowdhury, the prime minister said her government has given utmost importance to

public security and economic development.

The government was making relentless stride to curb subversive activities of the BNP-
Jamaat cohorts by providing special security to run buses and trucks and rails, she said.

Despite, they are carrying out clandestine attacks, she said and urged people to help law

enforcing agencies by giving prior information about the criminals, she added.

Hasina said the government has also attached importance to build up a trained police

force aimed at establishing rule of law. In view of this, she said, manpower of police is

being increased and specialized units are being constituted.

Besides, police forces are being given transports, modern equipment, arms ammunition,

she said adding that financial allowance for police force were increased in case of

causality or injury on their duty.