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5000 homes made decent in Tower Hamlets programme

London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 21 May 2013, THH - New kitchensOne of London’s largest Decent Homes programme sails past another milestone, as the 5,000th home is made decent, with new kitchens, bathrooms and other improvements.

Tower Hamlets Homes have come a long way since the programme began in 2010.  When they started the vast majority of homes managed by Tower Hamlets Homes (77%) were not up to the decent standard. By the end of the programme in March 2016, the proportion of non-decent homes will be under 10%.

In the last six months Tower Hamlets Homes have been moving into the second phase of their Decent Homes programme – working to improve the outside of residents’ homes and make it cheaper and easier for them to heat their homes and extend the overall life of the buildings they live in.  This work includes new roofs, new double glazed windows, new fire resistant and secure by design front doors for tenants, as well as redecorating common areas and giving the outside of their blocks a spruce up.

The programme for 2015/16 includes notable landmarks, such as Grade II listed Boundary Estate (the first purpose built social housing estate in the country), Brodick House, Bentworth Court, Yates House and completing work on the Cranbrook Estate.

Last month London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Tower Hamlets Homes received an extra £13.27M from the GLA to make more homes decent by March 2016.  The funding boost is an endorsement of Tower Hamlets Homes’ ability to deliver housing improvements in one on London’s most deprived boroughs.

Gavin Cansfield, Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Homes said “This has been the largest investment in public housing in Tower Hamlets for a generation and THH’s commitment to employ hundreds of apprentices and invest in the local economy and community, guarantees that the impact of Decent Homes will be broad and lasting.”