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Tower Hamlets Council backs smokefree cars with children

Smokefree-cars-with-childreFollowing on from the recent announcement of new legislation of banning smoking in cars when children are present, Tower Hamlets Council is strongly supporting Public Health England’s campaign for smokefree homes and cars.

The ban to end smoking in cars in England will come into effect on October 1 with fines up to £50 for those caught not following regulations. The related campaign aims to increase awareness of the dangers of exposing children to secondhand smoke.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman welcomed the news and said: “We couldn’t be happier that this law has passed, making it easier to protect those most vulnerable from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.”

Secondhand smoke is particularly harmful to children as they breathe more rapidly and have less developed airways. Children being exposed to secondhand smoke results in more than 300,000 GP consultations and 9,500 hospital admissions every year.¹

The national Smokefree Homes and Cars campaign will feature on TV, radio and online and Tower Hamlets Council will be seen promoting this campaign locally in the coming months.