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UK BNP hands over memorandum to David Cameron

unnamed (2)UK BNP has handed over a memorandum demanding the withdrawal of restrictions on food entering to confined former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, re-establish democracy in Bangladesh, safeguard human rights and to hold free and fair election under caretaker government immediately.

UK BNP President Shaesta Chowdhury Kuddus, General Secretary Koysor M Ahmed, Senior Vice-President Abdul Hamid Chowdhury and Publicity and Publications Secretary M A Qayum handed over this memorandum on 19 February to the Prime Minister in his office.

Stating the undemocratic actions of the present government and her dictator like activities, the memorandum says that it’s been two weeks since the government has restricted the supply of food in former Prime Minister’s office. The leaders urged the interference of world leaders to re-establish democracy in Bangladesh.

The written statement also said that BNP Chairperson and former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia has been confined and has been starving without fook for last six days. The illegal activists of Sheikh Hasina have been stopping food to enter Khaleda Zia’s office. UK BNP condemns these illegal activities fiercely and protests these actions on behalf of all expats living around the world.