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‘Shyama Prem’ delights city theatre buffs

34Prangone Mor delighted audience through staging ‘Shyama Prem’ – a dance drama by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore – at the National Theatre Main Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Monday, the fourth day of the week-long theatre festival titled ‘Dui Banglar Natya Mela 2015’ featuring troupes from Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. The play, which had written by Ananta Hira, incorporates the theme of love, freedom and humanity. The play depicts the story of a girl, namely Shyama. She is a very simple girl of a peasant family, but a tyrant landlord plunders her from a scare-free life to enjoy her dancing. Apart from Shyama, Nabina, Mala and Uttieo also entertain the landlord by performing dance. They are all from the same village, they are also good friends and help one another. When Shyama loses her all beautiful dreams, Bojrosen makes her dreams alive offering her warm love. However, Shyama’s younger friend Uttieo also presents himself as a lover of the girl. It is seen that Uttieo always tries to help her without any feedback. The ‘Rajkotal’ of landlord ambitiously requests her dance at the dinner party. But Shyama rejects the plea because she wants a normal life with Bojrosen where she makes herself as a lover and wife. She turns down the landlord’s invitation two times. As a result, the landlord feels unhappy and arrests Bojrosen as a foreign spy. On the other hand, though Uttieo always loves Shyama, she gives him no return. That is why Uttieo wants to prove his love for Shyama. Uttieo knows that Bojrosen stands on a life-death situation and he takes a decision of self-sacrifice. Then, he gets the acceptance of love from Shyama with beautiful impression. Following a secret agreement between Rajkotal and Uttieo, Rajkotal releases Bojrosen and imprisons and kills Uttieo upon his surrender. This is how the story of the play reaches its climax. The cast of the play included Choitali Samaddar, Ramiz Razu, Ananta Hira, Reza Rahman, Shishir Rahman, Mir Salauddin Babu , Yousuf Palash, Mita, Tania, Moli, among others. Besides, theatre troupe Natya Teertha also staged its much acclaimed production ‘Kongkal’ at the Experimental Theatre Hall of BSA yesterday evening. ‘Kongkal’ has been adapted by Robiul Alam from a famous novel by Tagore and instructed by Tapon Hafiz. The cast of the play includes Tapon Hafiz, Sadia Islam Santa, Shamsur Rahman Peru, Mahmudur Rahman, Ismail Ahmed Ayon, Maruf Tomal, Saifur Rahman, Shawon, Polash, Nurjahan Rahman Koli and Monalisha Mona, among others. Dhaka based theatre troupe Parngone Mor has arranged the ‘Dui Banglar Natya Mela 2015’ to be concluded on March 12.