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Annisul, Kabari and Pintu pick up nomination papers

29Businessmen Annisul Huq, claimed to be an Awami League-backed candidate, has picked up nomination form to compete for mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation on

Monday. Former AL MP and actress Sarah Begum Kabari, despite

not receiving her party’s nod, claimed to have had the nomination form picked up.  BNP leader Nasiruddin Ahmed Pintu, serving life term for his role in the Peelkhana massacre, has had his lawyer

pick up the papers to compete for mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation. His party is yet to declare whether they will be contesting for the polls in Dhaka and Chittagong cities scheduled for Apr 28. “I have gotten the great chance to serve Dhaka-residents. We want a beautiful, organised Dhaka. A Dhaka with citizen services and good governance,” Annisul told journalists after visiting the office of the returning officer. He was flanked by his FBCCI successor Kazi Akram Uddin Ahmed and Dhaka MP AKM Rahmatullah. Thanking Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for nominating him, Annisul said, “The fact that I had worked for all organisations I was in could have contributed to the

decision to back me. “The work we did before, if we can do them on a larger scale, I believe we can bring some additional benefits for

Dhaka residents.” The Mohammadi Group chief urged voters only to support him if they believe in him and his ‘honesty’ and ‘hard-working’ nature. The law allows only five person to accompany the contender when they visit the returning officer’s office, but AL-supporters crowded the office when the AL-nominee

arrived. They raised slogans supporting him t and manytook to the office on the first floor.“I had requested them. People can be spontaneous, it isthe culture of our country. But it would have been good if it could be avoided.” Meanwhile, Sarah Begum Kabari has confirmed that she would be competing against Annisul as an independent candidate. “Yes, I have collected the nomination paper for mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation. It was picked up on my behalf on Sunday.”She refused to say who picked up the papers on her behalf. Meanwhile, Returning Officer Md Shah Alam said, “No papers have been collected in Kabari’s name.” Meanwhile, former MP Pintu’s lawyer Rafiqul Islam Khan picked up nomination form from the returning officer for Dhaka South City Corporation. “I came to pick up the form since he is in jail.” Pintu has appealed against his life sentence in the High Court. Chawkbazar BNP Joint Convener Shafiqul Islam Rasel was at the office to collect papers to compete for councillor of Ward 29. “I took the papers personally to serve residents of my area and stand beside them. We hope that party will give positive decision about the polls.” Returning officers said that contenders would be listedonly if they submit documents as required. The  candidature will be finalised after scrutiny and end of the deadline for withdrawal. More than 12 aspirants have picked up forms to compete as mayors in the two Dhaka city corporations. But nobody has submitted the forms yet. According to the schedule, submissions are possible until Mar 29, and can be withdrawn until Apr 9. Scrutiny will take place on Apr 1 and 2.