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PM for partisan local govt elections

39Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said local government elections should be held in partisan manner and the related laws should be amended to do so.
“I think the local government polls should be held in the same way as national election is held and election campaign is conducted,” she said while replying to a lawmaker’s query during her question-answer session in the parliament.
Hasina said that local government election currently is non-partisan and there is no chance to give party nomination in the polls. But the results are counted in the name of a party.
Referring to the local government elections held in USA, UK and India, she said, “The lawmakers in the parliament and I think the local government law needs to be amended so that elections to all local government level are held in a partisan manner and political party can give nomination in the elections.”
The PM also said that the elected mayor or councillor should be held accountable, and this can be ensured if they could be monitored by the party as to whether the elected person is implementing his or her commitments or working for the welfare of the people or not.
“Though the elected person is known by the party name, no action could be taken by the party if he or she misconducts,” she added.
She suggested that the polls should be held in partisan manner for more transparency and accountability.