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Mizanur asks law enforcers to be ‘restrained’, ‘humanitarian’

29Observing law enforcers’ increasing involvement in criminal acts, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chairman Mizanur Rahman on Saturday asked them to follow due process in detaining people and keeping them in custody.
He also urged the law enforcers to produce every detainee before court within 24 hours after their detention.
“The law enforcement agencies, who are the protectors, in many cases turn into violators. We do not want to see something like this in our country,” he said.
“We ask them (law enforcers) to be restrained and humanitarian,” he added.
Criticising the recent violence in the country, the NHRC chairman said, “This cannot be considered political violence. This is a heinous criminal offense…This must be stopped.”
Mizanur Rahman was addressing a seminar at Jatiya Press Club in the capital city organised by Criminology and Police Science Department of Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Tangail.
The NHRC chairman alleged that the law enforcing agencies had failed in taking stern action against the arsonists who were involved in the killing of innocent people by launching crude bomb and arson attacks.
“Police cannot net the arsonists who burn innocent people through hurling crude bomb. This is, I believe, a great failure of the law enforcing agencies. Do not show any mercy on the arsonists. The people who are involved in arson attacks must be netted and brought under trial,” he said.
“We have urged the government to be strict to control political violence. However, the law enforcers are seemed to be increasingly got involved in criminal activities. Therefore, people no more have any faith in them (law enforcers),” he added.
“If this suffocating situation does not improve, we will soon see a greater crisis, Mizanur warned.
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