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Health benefits of Aloe Vera

49Of African origins, Aloe Vera is a multi functional plant that has gained favour and acceptance as an excellent home remedy source in India and the world over.Its medicinal healing properties, for external and internal use, have made it a favourite for many organic solutions followers. Today, Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharjee, an Ayurvedic consultant with Satvikshop.com lists out various healthy uses of aloe vera that will interest you. “Aloe vera has strong anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. It is well used for healing cuts, wounds, insect stings and grazes.”The inner gel like body of this plant is applied on the injured area. It has the ability to soothe the wound as well as the ability to fight bacteria. Aloe vera can be a great tool for campers.”Due to its healing nature, aloe is used to alleviate pimples, acne etc.”Women are always looking for answers for flawless skin, and aloe vera may just be the organic answer. Sadly, aloe vera doesn’t cure acne and pimples completely but it reduces the inflammation and redness of skin. It helps prevent outbursts of acne and pimples. However, acne caused by hormonal imbalances will need a doctor’s consultion.”Aloe vera is a coolant in nature hence very useful in burns. It repairs the skin tissues very fast.”This miracle plant has a cooling effect, while helping in regeneration of cells. Hence it helps in rebuilding of damaged tissue.”Aloe vera lightens the skin, hence used successfully to alleviate sun tanning and hyper pigmentation.”Aloe vera has the ‘powers’ to cool the skin, rejuvenate it and hydrate it.”Aloe vera gel has a lot of moisture locked in it so when applied on skin it hydrates the skin and increases its elasticity.” Aloe vera may be the perfect organic moisturiser; and you can grow it at home too. “Aloe vera gel protects the skin from the effects of ageing like wrinkles, dryness etc.” Getting an aloe vera plant proves to be helpful in more ways than one. It is worth a try from the natural approach to ageless skin.”Aloe is highly anti-allergic hence useful in treatment of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, general itching etc.”Apparently aloe vera not only fights bacteria but also has anti-allergic properties. Got an itch or skin problem, aloe vera will set you free.”Aloe has its main therapeutic use as anti pitta herb. It alleviates acidity, gastritis, heals intestinal ulcers and inflammation.” Just as aloe vera can reduce the skin inflammation so can it reduce inflammation internally. It has the ability to soothe your digestive tract; a great way to cool off the system after you binge on festive food. “It has many vitamins and amino acids which make it immuno-modulator, restorative and anti – oxidant.”It simply means that aloe vera enhances and reduces the function of immune system when needed. Restorative properties of aloe vera have been spoken about at length; aloe vera refreshes your skin and makes it vibrant. We all know what anti-oxidants do; aloe vera has the ability to make your skin look younger.”It has natural fibres which alleviate constipation and tones up digestive system.” As mentioned earlier, aloe vera is a great solution for your digestive tract, but the buck does not stop there. The fibers present in aloe vera can also add digestion and bowel movement. When constipated, aloe vera may hold the solution to an irritable bowel.”Aloe vera has different enzymes which are useful for digestion.”Aloe vera works as a laxative, it breaks down food which makes it easy for the food to pass through the intestine.”Aloe vera has anti- microbial effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast.” Internally or externally aloe vera can fight several kinds of microbes. This plant should be hailed for its importance and rightfully added as a great new member of your house plants family.-Internet