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Quirky make-up ideas

53Global beauty blogger Deepica Mutyala’s makeup tips on YouTube has earned her millions of fans. Most people apply mascara outward, going towards their ears to create a sort of `cat eye’ look, but for a more wide awake look, apply your mascara inwards. By re-directing the lashes, your eyes will pop and look more refreshed. A great way to make your eyes twinkle is by using a light-coloured eyeliner in the water line of your eye instead of black. I like to use gold or silver eyeliner (depending on my outfit). One of my favourite looks is liquid liner on the top eye, silver liner on the bottom water line, with mascara on both top and bottom lashes. I sometimes even carry the lighter liner into the corners of my eye to act as an eyeshadow.I recently started to use coconut oil on my hair, body, and face. Yes, the same coconut oil South Asian women grew up seeing their mom put in their hair. I used to rebel when my mom wanted to put it in my hair but it’s really served as a miracle product for me. I’ve already noticed my hair look shinier, face feel more nourished, and body less dry. It’s funny how sometimes the simplest products can make the biggest impacts.Women don’t play with braids enough because they fear that it’ll look too traditional. But there are so many ways to experiment with them. Try the voluminous messy fishtail. It’s a great way to stand out in a room full of straightened or curled hair.A lipstick can change your entire beauty look and really make your outfit pop. It can be intimidating at first. I started with a bold red lipstick and now do everything from plums, bright pink, fuchsia, and orange shades. I challenge women to mix it up – the key is to wear it with confidence. You can make your lips look more full by using a lip liner that’s a shade or two darker than your lipstick and dabbing your lips with a highlighter. The trick is called `overlining’ your lips and has been done by several celebrities recently. I like to think of it as lip contouring.Use a brow pencil: You know that feeling you get after getting your eyebrows threaded? You look in the mirror and say to yourself “this completely changed my face”. That’s the same effect that filling in your brows does! I think it’s the product that most women don’t realise they need (because we tend to already have dark, thick brows) but you can’t live without it once they see the difference it makes.Finding a good concealer: I think if you surveyed all women and asked what their number one beauty concern is, it’d be dark circles. Finding the right concealer makes a huge difference in your overall look. Of course, if you still need the extra help, the red lipstick trick does wonders.Using a highlighter illuminator: If you want radiant skin, I have two tips: 1) Drink tons of water and 2) Find a killer highlighter. Highlighter looks great with clothes. It’s extra accentuated because of all the fun jewellery we wear.-Internet