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BNP blames PM for breaching electoral rule BNP makes the allegation through issuing a press statement

51The BNP has claimed that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has breached the electoral code of conduct by announcing her official support for the mayoral candidates in the Dhaka City Corporations polls.
The party made the allegation through issuing a press statement on Tuesday.
In the statement, BNP Standing Committee member Nazrul Islam Khan said according to the existing electoral law, no government authorities or no political party can nominate any person for contesting in any local government election, including city corporation polls.
Any important person holding responsible position in the government, also cannot take part in any election campaign during local government elections, Nazrul added in the statement.
“However, the entire country has witnessed that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced her support for mayoral candidate Annisul Haq in Dhaka North City Corporation polls during the regular cabinet meeting.
“Later, speaking at a meeting at her government residence, Gono Bhaban, she also formally introduced Annisul as her favourite mayoral candidate for the April 28 polls.”
Criticising the role of Election Commission, he also alleged that the “devoted” Election Commission, which is responsible for monitoring and preventing such irregularities, is “tactfully pretending to be ignorant.”
“The devoted EC is not ashamed for failing to perform its role. Rather, it has cancelled the nomination form of one of the strongest contestants Abdul Awal Mintoo to give extra advantage to Annisul.”
“The EC has again repeated its role of being devoted to the government like it did during the national elections in January 5, 2014, added Nazrul.
Referring to the ongoing incidents of “repression and mass arrest” of the BNP-led 20-party alliance members, Nazrul further said: “The government has understood that it has lost its popularity and cannot win any post by holding a free and fair election. So, it is trying to create a chaotic situation in the city by cancelling the nomination form of Mintoo.”
In another press note, issued by party’s Joint General Secretary Barkatullah Bulu on Tuesday, the party urged the government to let the party members continuing their vregular official activities.
Bulu said: “Although the party headquarters in Naya Paltan has been unlocked after three months, the party members cannot continue their regular official activities because of arrest panic.”
“At least 13 BNP members have been picked up from outside of the party office since it has been unlocked on Saturday.”
He called upon the authorities to ensure proper security of his party fellows.