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Sylhet malls, boutique houses showcase traditional wears

4Boutique houses and shopping malls in the Sylhet city are now passing busy time showcasing traditional Bangali fashion wares ahead of upcoming Pahela Baishakh, (first day of the Bangla New Year), the largest non-communal festival of the country.
On visiting various shopping malls and boutique houses here, this correspondent found vibrant and different designs of traditional Bangali dresses are being already displayed in the houses to catch up shoppers as they can chose their desired ones’ to celebrate the New Year fiesta.
Executive Manager of Bangler Mela, in Lamabazar Sylhet city said.”We’ve initiated colourful and different designed Bangali cotton-wears considering the season and weather that would be comfortable for them,” “Due to political turmoil we could not do our business in previous days but hope we can earn well from the next week,” He added.
A popular boutique house in Sylhet is offering Salwar-kamizes in basic colours, but with intricate embroideries, appliqué and hand works.
“We also have embroidered sarees in cotton, muslin, sopura and andi silk,” said, owner of the house.
On the other hand, large number of women customers searching for red and white combination sarees as it is the traditional wear of Pahela Baishakh.
‘Pinon’ is hoping to attract a good number of customers with its wears designed considering the weather. “I designed salwar kameezes and sarees in light fabrics like chiffon, Tangail cotton and silk for Pahela Baishak,” said Pinon’s owner.
M U Salim Proprietor of Maha Fashion said tthat she designed the dresses based on natural sceneries with emphasis on yellow, green, pink and purple colours for Children.
Shoilpik, a men’s boutique, is hoping to attract people of all ages with its western-influenced panjabis and fotuas.
“Sales have not taken off in full flight, but we are expecting it to by next week,” said the boutique’s owner, who is hopeful of doing good business this Baishak.
Other well-known boutiques like Dream Fashion, Lina Boutique, Castle and Maha too, are ready to charm the Pahela Baishak with their offerings.