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Revamp the kitchen

61Kitchen is a true melting pot of flavours, aromas and time-tested culinary skills. So, keep it flawless by planning properly and keeping sufficient storage space.Tips on how to revamp kitchen:Keep a well-connected kitchen triangle that comprises stove, sink and the refrigerator. Maintain an open passage to ensure smooth and hassle-free cooking. Keep the setting spacious and fault-free, which can be done through proper planning of the entire kitchen space.The kitchen paraphernalia occupies a major portion of the setting. That’s why it is essential that it has sufficient storage space to avoid chaos while cooking. For a small kitchen, long cabinets work wonders and for optimum utilisation of the available area, the space above the refrigerator can also be used to place daily props.Induce drama through proper lighting that will make your kitchen look radiant, safe and secure. Install a chimney for some ventilation to make way for the steam generated and to avoid the grease getting stuck on the ceiling and windows.Give your kitchen a minimalistic touch by decorating it with two evergreen shades – wood and white. If bold is what you seek, use bright-hued laminates and paints that will infuse liveliness and pep up the ambience.The conventional form of kitchen setting is passe. Restyle your kitchen area by transforming the space into a contemporary one. Modular fixtures, compact storage, wall units with glass doors for clear visibility, a secluded garbage area are all clear essentials to a smart kitchen today.Dress up your kitchen with small and beautiful potted plants and flowers for a natural feel. Let the flora give a refreshing and rejuvenating aura to the kitchen all day long.For fuss-free cooking, make sure you install all your cooking instruments in a systematic manner. The kitchen must be meticulously planned for a seamless cooking experience.No matter how good your kitchen looks, compromising on hygiene can mean contaminated food and an unhealthy looking space. Make sure you designate an area for garbage disposal, keep kitchen napkins and towels handy and ensure your kitchen tops are non-greasy by cleaning up regularly.Ensure food leftovers do not accumulate in nooks and crannies to avoid infestation of insects later.-Internet