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Rescuing a dead body of a businessman from Sukria Market

48The police of Sadar thana exempted a demise businessman namely Tahir Mia (70) from Sukria Market area of Zindabazar in Sylhet City.
The dead body was rescued from the Washroom of the 3rd floor of the building on wednesday at 10am.Tahir Mia, the inhabitant of Masimpur area Duel 22, son of dead Sattar Mia, was the proprietor of the shop of ground floor new fashion 22.According to his family, he left his house on Wednesday but he did not return. At night, he didn’t return home family members called him. In that moment his phone was switched off. After that the family members investigated him lot of places but didn’t find.
Hafisa Begum, a cleaning worker of Sukria Market, was working around 8 am in the morning on wednesday. Going to the 3rd Floor, she saw that the toilet was closed. Later she informed the Caretaker of the market of the fact that is also apprised by the Caretaker to the secretary of the Supermarket. However, the matter is informed to the police on behalf of the committee. At 10:30 of that morning, the police rushed to the spot and received the dead body that is ensured by OC of Sadar to Sylhet Mirror. It is a well planned killing, Taz, son of Taher, claimed.