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Noyafoud Pry School students attend classes under open sky

62Due to shortage of class rooms, teachers and other facilities, students of Noyafud Government Primary School under Kanaigahat upazila of the district have been attending classes in the school corridor and under the open sky.
Some educated and philanthropists of the village built the school buildings. The school has Three rooms. One of them is being used as office room while the rest are being used as classrooms. Two rooms have been separated by a bamboo fence due to room shortage. At least six students sit on a bench where only three students could generally sit. Students claimed that this shortage of seats was a hindrance to their studies. The problem takes serious turn during the exam times.
Teacher shortage is also another problem of the school. As a result, academic activities are facing setback.
Shiuly Akhter, a student of class four of the school, said, “We have to share one bench among six students due to bench shortage. On hot days we suffer most.”
Shuvo, a student of class four, also echoed the same sentiment and said, “Schools in the town are beautiful than our school. Electric fans are available in those schools except our institute.”
Azijul haque, headmasters of the school said, her school is facing manifold problems: notably, shortage of class rooms, teachers and sitting capacity. he also said, every year students of the school obtain good results in different exams. Not only study, the school has good reputation in co-curricular activities.
Muhammed Ali, president of the school management committee, told that “I’m eager to solve all the problems of the school. After being elected as board president, I’m corresponding with the concerned authorities regularly to develop the school.”
Upazila primary education officer, acknowledged the problems of the school. A letter was sent to the concerned authority to address the problem, he said. He hoped that the problems of the school will be mitigated soon.