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Chhayanaut celebrates Tagore’s birthday

4Celebrating the 154rd birthday of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Chhayanaut has organised a two-day-long festival. The celebratory programme titled “Rabindra Utsob 1422” is a tribute to the literary titan of the sub-continent. It was celebrated with colourful acts and musical performances.
An array of inspirational, devotional and love songs of Tagore was presented at the programme. On the second day, a special segment called “Rupe Rupe Oporupa” was presented under Sanjida Khatun’s direction. Performers from the dance troupes including Jaago Art Centre and Bhabna will perform lovely dance pieces. Other artistes from various divisions of the country were presented at the event. Recitations of Tagore’s popular poems were performed by renowned artistes. The celebration was open for all.