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Earthquake jolts in Sylhet

41A series of earthquakes struck Nepal today that also jolted Bangladesh including Sylhet causing people to run out of shaking multistoried buildings and shopping centres.
Sylhet Meteorological Department Director Sayed Chowdhury told That.
“So far, we have recorded four jolts here due to Nepal earthquake,”
He said the first earthquake struck at 1.05 pm of the local time here and the epicenter was in Nepal, 611 kilometre of northwest of Bangladesh.
After that earthquakes struck in phases – with magnitude 5.6 at 1.17 pm, magnitude 5.3 at 1.34 pm and magnitude 6.0 at 1.36, he said adding “the epicenter of the last three were nearby of the first epicenter,” he said.
However, according to the US Geological Survey the magnitude of the first earthquake was 7.3 and the epicenter was 18 km of South East of Kordari Nepal.
The tremor was also felt in different parts of India including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, and West Bengal.
A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck in Nepal on April 25, killing at least 8,046 people and injuring more than 17,800.
As per the experts these kinds of jolt are aftershock of the April 25 earthquake and aftershocks can last up to 50 years.