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US condemns blogger Ananta Bijoy’s murder

76The United States has condemned the brutal murder of writer and blogger Ananta Bijoy Das, the latest in a recent string of attacks against writers and bloggers in Bangladesh.
“The United States condemns the brutal murder of writer/blogger Ananta Bijoy Das in Bangladesh,” said Jeff Rathke, Acting Deputy
Spokesperson of the US Department of State in a regular briefing in Washington on May 12.
The US has offered their heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. “We hope that the Bangladeshi authorities will find and bring the perpetrators to justice.”
The US also hoped that all Bangladeshis strive to ensure space for the peaceful expression of ideas without fear of violence, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, said the official.
Responding to a question, Rathke said, “Well, this has just happened. There’s an investigation ongoing which the Bangladeshi authorities will lead, so I would refer you to them for any information of that sort.”
The official said they are in contact with the government of Bangladesh about the case. “But I don’t have any announcements to make.”
In response to a question on BNP leader Salahuddin Ahmed, the official said, “I’m sorry, we’re not involved in that case. I don’t have any
update to share with you on that.”