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Ataur Rahman Chowdhury was dedicated himself for non resident Bangladeshis

12Bangla Mirror Desk : 

Ataur Rahman Chowdhury was a person who had dedicated himself for the welfare of non resident Bangladeshis living in the UK. He has done a lot for the Bangladeshis living in the UK.  He earned everyone’s trust and reliance through his polite and friendly manner.  He always stood by anyone who needed him in the days of their trouble and helped them whole-heartedly.  He also played a very significant role in the liberation movement of Bangladesh during 1971.  From collecting funds to build public opinions, he worked tirelessly and diligently in favour of liberation movement. Prominent Columnist and senior journalist Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury said this in a condolence meeting held on looking back on the life of late Chairman of Brick Lane Mosque and prominent community activist Ataur Rahman Chowdhury.  The condolence meeting was held on 10th of May in The Autriam Hall in London.

Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury also said that Ataur Rahman Chowdhury was form an aristocrat family.  His father Abdul Motlib Chowdhury and brother Motiur Rahman Chowdhury was very effective in politics and generous in the welfare of general people.  Ataur Rahman continued his family heritage.

Convenor of the Citizen’s Condolence Meeting Committee,  senior leader Sultan Mahmud Sharif presided over the meeting.  Community leader Alhaj Sajjad Miah and Shah Shamim Ahmed jointly conducted the meeting.

On her speech, Rushanara Ali MP said that late Ataur Rahman Chowdhury was a guardian of the community. Whenever she went to Brick Lane Mosque, he did not see her as an woman, but as his sister and as a politician. He is one of the fore-founders who worked diligently for the welfare of the community.

Former Mayor of Sylhet City Corporation Badar Uddin Kamran said that the prime achievement of Bengali nation is independence and Ataur Rahman played a very significant role in speeding up that achievement.

Guest who also addressed the audience included former MP of Sylhet and late Ataur Rahman’s brother Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury, Deputy High Commissioner Khandakar Talha, GLA member Johh Biggs, General Secretary of UK Awami League Syed Sajidur Rahman Faruque, Chairman of Bangla TV Syed Samadul Haque, Managing Director of Channel I Europe Reja Ahmed Foysol Chowdhury Shueb, Community leader Alhaj Shamsuddin Khan, Cllr Golam Rabbani, Cllr Suluk Miah, Sylhet City Corporation Commissioner Ajadur Rahman Ajad, former Mayor of Tower Hamlets Golam Mortuja, Chairman of Council of Mosques Maolana Shamsul Haque, General Secretary of Bishwanath Upozilla Awami League Sports Association Alhaj Ponki Khan, prominent singer Himangshu Goshwami, Community leader Maruf Chowdhry, Naeem Uddin Siraj,  Lucky Miah, Akikur Rahman, Haji Aftab Ali, Angur Miah, Mujibur Rahman, Ilias Miah, Hafijur Rahman Laku, S M Sutan Miah, Sharob Ali, Tarif Ahmed, Syed Fakhrul Islam, M A Karim, Nur Uddin, Altafur Rahman Mojahid, Abdur Rahman Khalisdar, Abdul Manan, Abdul Wadud  Mukul, Afjol Hossain Siddiq Miah, Bidhan Goshwamy, Koyesh Chowdhury, Shayek Ahmed, Abdul Ali Rouf, Samadul Haque, Shahabuddin Haque Chanchal, Dr Alauddin, Mufojjil Khan, M A Rouf, Haji Aftab Ali, Shayek Ahmed, Mollik Abdul Wadud Shaku and others.

The speakers urged Tower Hamlets Council to name a road or a building in his name as a respect towards late Ataur Rahman Chowdhury.

A Milad and Duwa Mahfil were held at the end of the condolence meeting which was conducted by Imam of Brick Lane Mosque Maolana Jillur Rahman Chowdhury.