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Mina Rahman expresses her gratitude towards voters and supporters

10Conservative Party candidate for Barking Mina Rahman has expressed her sincere gratitude towards voters and supporters.  She has also congratulated Labour Party candidate Margaret Hodge for winning from Barking and Dagenham.  In a press release sent to newspapers she said that, Barking and Dagenham has always been known as a place of working class people and an area not free from racism.  For decades this area is known as a Labour stronghold where conservative influence is always been very low.

She also said that this was her first election and she did not stood for any candidacy before.  She also emphasised that she has received more than seven thousand votes which shows the support of local people, party activist and supporters.  Mina Rahman said that Conservative party has never gained this much support in this area.

She also said that Home Secretary Theresa May got 1,976 votes when she stood from this area.  It is evident that Conservative Party is advancing towards a strong foothold in this area, may be one day, soon, Conservative Party will be able to win from this constituency.

She also said that there is no reason to be frustrated as she could not win.  Even though the party could not win in Barking, her party has won nationwide with single majority.  She said that she is now serving the people of Barking and she always will.

It is worth mentioning that Labour candidate Margaret Hodge was elected from Barking and Dagenham constituency receiving 24082 votes while UKIP came second receiving 9554 votes and Mina Rahman came third receiving 7019 votes.

In her press release Mina Rahman congratulated three Bengali candidates Tulip Siddiq, Rupa Huq and Rushnara Ali for winning this in their seats in this year’s parliamentary election.