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Internal feud divides Sylhet BNP’s unity

Internal feud divides Sylhet BNP's unityInternal conflict centring over formation of new committees has taken centre-stage in Sylhet BNP’s local politics resulting in disunity among the leaders and activists of the party’s city and district units here.
The apparent conflicts and disunities have also affected the party’s overall organisation and recent course of anti-government movement.
Committee members, however, defended their on-field demonstration, claiming that they didn’t get enough time to organize the party leaders and activists prior to the enforcement of indefinite blockade by the party chief abruptly on January 5 as they got nearly a month only after forming the new local committees in early November.
They also observed that the leaders and activists were afraid of staging demonstration as the law-enforcers forced them to step back whenever they attempted to bring out any precession. Even a number of the leaders and activists of the party were detained to ring the alarm bell thereby spreading the fear factor among all concerned.
Party sources said the central BNP announced a 33-member convening committee for the city unit on November 8 and district convening committee in September last year. A number of convening committees were also declared for the Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, Jubo Dal and other wings of the organization at that time.
Following the formation of the new committees, internal conflicts among the party factions deepened and thereby disrupted overall unity of the leaders and activists.
Some of the party’s feuding front bodies were even seen engaging in clashes several times recently leaving many of the local leaders and activists affected badly.
Although several agitation programmes were announced by the party’s central committee during the period, the local units could not drum up any significant campaign in favour of those programmes mainly due to the clashes and conflicts.
A quarter of the leaders and activists of the party, including a section of the supporters of missing BNP leader Ilyas Ali, alleged that most of the members of the newly-formed committees were the followers of Shamsher Mobin Chowdhury, which prompted many dedicated leaders and activists to remain absent on the field.
However, the new committee members said they formed convening committees for the Ward and Thana units within a month after declaring the city and district committees, but they didn’t get enough time to organize the local leaders and activists prior to calling movement.
A leader of the party’s city unit seeking anonymity said that there was no situation to hold discussion to form new committee at that time. But he said, “We have to form full-fledged committees for the Wards, Thanas, districts and the city.”
Senior Member of Sylhet metro committee Miftah Siddique told that Chhatra Dal and Jubo Dal are the main forces behind any of BNP’s movement, but they couldn’t organize them strongly before January 5 as there were some internal feuds among the party men.
Senior Joint Convener of the district unit Dildar Hossian Selim said, “We have been trying to organize the newly-formed committees for all other units.