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Diabolical traffic in Sylhet city

11The entire traffic system virtually collapsed in the Sylhet on Monday, triggering indescribable sufferings to the commuters, especially office-goers and students.
Thousands of vehicles, mostly passenger bus, private car, three-wheeler and slow-moving rickshaw, got stranded in gridlock on different streets.
Rail Gate, Khinbridge Point, Surma point, Bondor Bazar, Mira Bazar, Barut Khana, Darga gate, Rikabi bazar, and Shobid bazar areas terrible congestion.
The traffic was so diabolical that it took hours to go less than half a kilometre.
SMP traffic department blamed text introduction of digital traffic signal and movement of VIPs for the deadlock traffic on different city roads on Monday.
F Alam, a commuter, said it took three hours and a half to reach Upshohor from Surma market at noon—the distance that usually takes only one hour.
Like Alam, many others had to go through the same ordeal to go to their respective destinations.
An unedifying sight was that traffic policemen did not act rightly and take initiatives to clear the streets for traffic.
Some sufferers said commuters in their multitudes had to get down from vehicles stuck on busy thoroughfares and return home on foot.