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Fake drugs flood Sylhet markets

9The markets in the Sylhet are flooded with various substandard and spurious medicines, pushing the people into a massive healthcare crisis.
According to sources, the reckless sale of such medicines and their consumption by unaware patients are causing serious harm to public health. There are a number of fake pharmaceutical companies engaged in producing adulterated and spurious medicines which are being distributed across the country through the wholesale drug market at Medical Road in the Sylhet.
It is learnt that Alea Begum of Bagbari slum went recently to a local doctor with respiratory problem. The doctor prescribed her the use of an inhaler immediately. When she went to a nearby pharmacy, she was supplied with an inhaler named ‘Dream Inhaler’. On return home, she used that inhaler several times but instead of any improvement her condition, rather, deteriorated. The relatives took her fast to the Osmani Medical at Sylhet. The doctor on duty arranged for her emergency treatment and relieved the respiratory problem. At that time, the doctor saw the inhaler procured by her earlier and said it was no inhaler at all. Rather, the chemical mixed with that object enhanced the respiratory problem of the patient, he added.
Respiratory medicine specialist at Dr.M Mozid said, “Inhaler is a very sensitive medicine. The use of any adulterated or spurious inhaler may cause major harm to the patient.”
A physician of Osmani Medical College Hospital advised Ali Hossain of Subid Bazar in Sylhet to use Betnovate ointment for his skin disease. Accordingly, he started using the medicine purchasing it from a local pharmacy. But, as a result, his condition worsened. Later, when the doctor saw the cover of the medicine, he said the medicine is of a fake company. Subsequently, he was given some other medicines to ensure his recovery.
Skin disease specialist of Dr N. K. Paul said, “Betnovate is a steroid item. If not of proper quality and quantity, it may cause serious damage to the skin.”
Not that only an inhaler or a Betnovate cream are causing harm to the patients, but other adulterated and spurious medicines of various diseases are affecting a huge number of people every day.
Medicine specialists said nowhere in the world the trend of producing such medicines and marketing them is seen like Bangladesh. A section of businessmen embark on medicine business considering medicines as other profitable commodities instead of treating these as lifesaving items. There is no control over this malpractice from the government also. As a result, the patients, physicians and retailers relating to medical treatment are being confused and affected every moment. Publicity campaign is necessary to enhance awareness among the people about this.
School- and college-going kids suffered the worst. “Suddenly, we faced a severe traffic jam in the city,” said one Salim Ahmed in Barthakhola area.