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Govt devises foolproof security steps Bangabandhu family

2In a bid to ensure foolproof security for the family members of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the government on Tuesday issued a gazette notification announcing some measures.
According to the notification, signed by Senior Home Secretary Mozammel Haq Khan, ‘family members’ of the Father of the Nation’ include Bangabandhu’s two surviving daughters and their children. The notification says that if any structure or building surrounding their residences, will pose threat to their security, security forces can demolish or make change to the structure or the building.
Residents of multi-storied building surrounding the residences of the family members of Bangabandhu can also be brought under round the clock surveillance.Fire service vehicles will be kept ready at their residences all the while. Besides, security alarms and CCTV cameras will be installed in and around the residences.
All visitors have to be checked through metal detector and scanner while entering the residences.
Required number of security personnel will be deployed in and around the residences.
According to the notification, the government will take care of the necessary repair works of their0 residences, and will provide the utility services including internet connections.
The government will also make arrangements for the necessary medical treatment of the family members in home and abroad.