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Sylhet BNP’s silence, inactivity makes activists hopeless

26After being failed in the previous anti-government movement, opposition BNP is seemed to be almost silent and inactive in the party programmes, which have made the party activists hopeless.

Party-insiders said serious discontent is also prevailing among the party leaders and workers across the Sylhet City and district due to inaction, poor performance and controversial activities of some top leaders. The discontent may erupt anytime inside the party.

The party stopped their anti-government movement and participated in the elections to three city corporations in April as it failed to realise their demand for an early general election under a non-party administration. People defied their agitation programmes.

After the city polls, BNP neither held any normal programmes except milad-mahfil nor restarted their anti-government movement. Most of the party leaders are still on the run. Only three or four leaders attended their party programmes.

“It is seemed to be that sylhet  BNP has become totally silent and inactive. The party is not holding any programmes. Top leaders of the party are also inactive. In this situation, the party workers have become hopeless and feared of future of the party,” said a leader of BNP in Sylhet city .

Though BNP alleged rigging and irregularities in the elections to three city corporation elections, they didn’t protest it, but some leaders, including BNP Chief Khaleda Zia, were only critical of it.

Asked about their silence and inactiveness, BNP leader Ali Ahmed said, “The party’s political activity is not visible now while we are not so active. Now we don’t want to do something visible. We want to reorganise our party. Our movement is going on.”

Speaking on the issue, another BNP leader Mahbub chy said, “I cannot say anything. Write what you see happening.”

Khaleda Zia told a programme recently said, “We will have to come out from the current crisis of the country. They (the ruling party) shut every ways.  We will have to come out from the situation through working in a well-planned way.”

After hearing her speech, a number of leaders think they cannot oust the current Awami League-led government by movement ‘easily’ or to realise their demand for election.

The party is in serious crisis and its high command cannot find how to run the programmes. Failure in the last movement has made the party men hopeless. Now, it is very much difficult for the party to restart any movement,” a leader told that.

He said the grassroots are not responding to the call of the central command as they are seriously unhappy with top leaders for inaction, poor performance and runaway during the movement.

The grassroots workers think that the BNP high command’s wrong strategy for movement pushes the party into danger.”

The party sent letters to the president and secretary of district, thana, poura and union units of the party, asking overall performance of the grassroots leaders and activists and the names of victims of killing and forced disappearance.

Some BNP leaders said the party was unable to make the three-month movement a success because of its organisational weaknesses in Dhaka.

A top leader of BNP said, “The top leadership is deciding the movement and programmes. BNP should appoint leaders by merit.”

BNP insiders said the party leaders and activists are gripped by serious frustration as they are now finding no ray of hope for restarting the movement and not getting any instruction for the next course of movement.

Meanwhile, the grassroots leaders and activists said the party’s poor organisational condition is prompting many leaders and workers to leave the party to join the ruling Awami League and other political parties in different district, upazila and union units.

Sources in the BNP grassroots said they are unhappy with the high command for their reluctance to wage movement, failure in reorganising the party and determining appropriate strategies for anti-government movement, misevaluation of dedicated leaders and activists and giving priority to opportunists, betrayers and bureaucrats.

The serious discontent is also prevailing among the workers as they unhappy with top leaders. “They never take to the street during movement, but are misguiding Khaleda Zia and maintaining secret entante with the ruling Awami League.”