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Mangoes hit Sylhet bazaars


11The juicy summer fruit mango has started appearing in the bazaars of Sylhet . Some indigenous varieties have appeared in the markets, but most consumers are frustrated with their high prices.
The popular summer fruit will be available in the local markets by the end of June abundantly when all the varieties will appear in the markets. At the  fruit Haat of Sylhet , the early varieties of ‘Guti’ mangoes are being sold at Tk1,400 to Tk1,600 per maund.
The ‘Guti’ mangoes are comparatively sour and less in taste and also short in size.
With the ‘Guti’ mangoes, some best quality Gopalbhog magoes are also being sold in the markets.
But, Gopalbhog mangoes are treated with chemicals and ripened earlier. The appearance of Gopalbhog usually starts from the end of first week of June.
Shahed Ahmed, a mango orchard owner of Dakshin Surma upazila in Sylhet, informed the Gopabhog mangoes which are now in markets are all tainted with chemicals.
“Gopabhog will start appearing the market within a week. And afterwards, the Khirshapati mango will appear,” he hoped.
He informed due to favorable weather, as pre-monsoon rain has helped the trees blossom to the full this year.
That is why; they expected that the much-expected selling-buying binge will be getting momentum throughout the district.
According to Sylhet Fruit Research Center, mango was cultivated on 1070 hectares of land in the district this year and the target of production was set at 207,031 tonnes.
“If the weather goes on as now, the mango production would exceed the target level this year,” they informed.