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Tulip Siddiq sworn in as MP

3Ansar Ahmed Ullah : 

 Tulip Siddiq was sworn in as Labour’s new MP for Hampstead and Kilburn on 20 May. Following completion of her first week in Westminster she wanted to thank all who supported her.

  She said, ‘I would like to convey my sincere thanks to everyone who put their trust in me on May 7th. The messages of support I have received since the election have been inspiring and heart-warming in equal measure. I am encouraged and spurred on by every one of the words of encouragement you have sent.’

Writing in the Camden Journal she said as Labour selects a new leader, she will be listening to people from across Britain to see why they felt they couldn’t vote for Labour and address the disillusionment felt about politicians generally.

As a backbench opposition MP, her job will be to hold the government to account. On the NHS, this must translate into tangible priorities for Hampstead and Kilburn: reductions in hospital waiting times for my constituents, local GP surgeries remaining open, and NHS funding commitments fulfilled.

As a former councillor, she is only too aware of the savage cuts local councils like have had to face in the last five years. She was heartened to see that council leaders from across the political spectrum have come together to make a plea to the Government not to cut local Government budgets any further.

Tulip Siddiq prioritised her constituency by stating, ‘I have many priorities but my top priority is to work for the people of Hampstead and Kilburn. I want anyone to feel able to contact me, whether it is to highlight their perspective on an issue, to share a story, to ask for help or simply to make me aware of an event or an organisation.’