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SSC exam-2015 : Sylhet students most fail in Math

2This year’s SSC examinations under Sylhet Education Board, a total of 812 institutions of 72 and 24 students took part and failed in 13 of the two hundred students 92. Among them, 10 thousand one-hundred and 77 mathematics has been sent.
Saturday (30 May) after the publication of the results of the Sylhet Education Board controller Abdul Mannan told journalists.
He chose mathematics test for the first time in a creative way. The results are the effect. Because it taught mathematics as a creative to a lack of proper training of teachers, he said.
Pass rate and the loss of GPA-5, he said, political instability stress test examination was taken. The effect of which is results. GPA-5, reducing the test compared to the one he pointed out.
Sylhet Education Board, 81.82 under the SSC examination pass rate. GPA-5, two thousand four hundred of 5 people. The pass rate last year was three thousand three hundred students in 89,23 and obtained GPA-5 ’41.