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Manik Mia’s 46th death anniversary observed in Sylhet

6Speakers at a discussion in Sylhet on Monday gratefully recalled the glorious role of Tofazzal Hussain Manilk Mia for his unflinching role against all sorts of injustice, oppression and deprivation through writings.
A doyen in the field of journalism, Manik Mia fought persistently against all odds and adversities for the emancipation of common people.
The speakers came up with the remarks while speaking at the discussion held at the Hotal Est and  marking Manik Mia’s 46th death anniversary. Sylhet Central Writters forum organised the discussion.
As a journalist, he never stopped his mighty pen against oppression and violation of democratic and human rights, the discussants noted. former Principle of Fenchugong degree Collage poet Kalam Azad, former Principle of Sylhet Madan Muhan Collage L,C,M Ataur Rahman pir, SCC Panal Mayor Razaul Hasan Koyes Ludy, Chairman of westpoint Collage LC Syed Ali Ahmed, Vice Chairman of Dakshin surma Upazilla Shah Emad Uddin Nasiri, Chairman of Sylhet Bibag gonokollan trust Abdul Malik Chy, Director of Sylhet Cultural Centre Jahedur Rahman Chy, Social Worker M A Rahim.
among others, addressed the programme with President of Sylhet Central Writters forum  Abumaliha in the chair.
Secratary of  Sylhet Central Writters forum and The Newnation Sylhet Correspondent S. A Shofiee conducted the discussion.