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British Bangladeshi Caterers Association (BBCA) starts its journey

50Bangla Mirror Desk:

The new organisation for the caterers in the UK, British Bangladeshi Caterers Association (BBCA) has officially been launched hailing the slogan ‘catering for caterers’.   The officials of this newly formed

organisation told this in a press conference held on Tuesday 2nd June in a restaurant in East London.

On a written statement, the organisers informed that they have taken the initiative to promote the
interests of Bangladeshi restaurants and solve the problems suffered by them.
The officials also informed that a new committee will be declared officially on 10th June.  The
organisation has pledged to work in five key areas.  Which are identifying the different problems in

this industry and share them; to prioritise the interests of caterers in every field; to discover new

scopes; to portray the challenges faced by the curry industry; provide information and guidance to

the curry businesses and provide legal and practical assistance.

President of the convening committee Atiqur Rahman Khan, Member Secretary and former
Councillor Selim Chowdhury, Membr of convening committee Cllr Shamsul Islam Selim, President of

the New Committee Yafor Ali, Secretary Shahnur Khan and Treasurer Elais Miah Motin answered the

questions and provided information to journalist and caterers.

Press and Publications Secretary of the new committee Cllr Atiqul Haque read out the written

statement to the present journalists and caterers.

Officials of this newly formed organisation who were present in the press conference included Joint

Press and Publication Secretary Sultan Babor, Enamul Karim Khan (Selim Khan), Shohidur Rahman,

Taraul Islam, Abdul Quddus, Kamal Jahangir Miah, Abdul Karim, Abul Kalam Azad Choton and others.