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Burunga Iqbal Ahmed High School and College achieves astonishing results

8Burunga Iqbal Ahmed High School of Osmani Nagar Thana in Balaganj  has already turned into an established name in the fields of education in Sylhet.  Now around 1400 pupils are studying there.  From the start, this institute has been running with limited source of income and with the help of locals.
Since this institution has added higher secondary to it activities, prominent businessman of the UK and founder Chairman of NRB Bank Iqbal Ahmed OBE got involved in its managing board.  Since his involvement he has been providing financial help generously so that the standard of teaching can be improved, the structural development can be obtained and a provision of sports and extra curriculum activities can be secured.
As a result the number of students in Burunga Iqbal Ahmed High School increased dramatically and the achievements were getting better and better. The year the pass rate in Sylhet Education board was 89.23% where as pass rate for this school were 92.76%.
This year 151 students took part in secondary exam and out of them 141 passed successfully with 2 GPA 5s.
From the example of this school, it can be said that, if the rich and well-offs can come forward to help the education establishments in their local areas, then their areas will undoubtedly advance forward in the areas of education and self-development.  This will improve the country overall and the country will achieve advancement in every sector.