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11,483 Bangladeshis on umrah visa stay back

67Some 11,483 pilgrims who went to Saudi Arab on umrah visa did not return to the country. The Saudi government has stopped issuing umrah visas to pilgrims from Bangladesh indefinitely and blacklisted 50 travel agents from Sylhet after primary investigation.
According to Religion Ministry sources, 40,000 pilgrims went on the umrah hajj through the 50 travel agents from all over the country.
The Saudi government, in a letter sent by Jeddah Hajj Councillor Md Asaduzzaman to the Religion Ministry, alleged that the 11,483 were trafficked to the country. He also said Bangladeshis will not be given umrah visas until those who did not exit the country are brought back by Bangladesh.
This decision from the Saudi government came on March 22. As a result no Bangladeshis will be able to go for umrah hajj this year.
One blacklisted agency of Sylhet Alite Travels Managing Partner Md Modabbir Hosain Khan (Mansur) said: “The allegations are false. None of our pilgrims stayed back there [Saudi Arab]. The Saudi government has not sent a written complaint in this regard either.” However, he failed to give an answer when asked about the Saudi government’s decision of not issuing umrah visas.
Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh President Monsur Ali Khan told  that they came to know of the news of Saudi government blacklisting the 50 travel agents through various media. The Bangladeshi government or the Religion Ministry have not officially informed them of any such matter.