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Heavy rain troubles Sylhet city life, submerges roads

66Heavy rainfall submerged many parts of the Sylhet on Thursday morning, causing immense suffering to the city dwellers.
Many areas of the city, including Stationroad, Gotatikor, Laldigi Market, Mirabazar, Zinda Bazar, and Shobid bazar went under knee-deep water due to rain.
The rain that began in the morning flooded many of the city streets while commuters underwent unbearable sufferings for unavailability of vehicles.
Sylhet Meteorological Department has recorded 11 millimeters rainfall in capital between 6:00am and 7:30am. Met office forecasted the continuity of rain pouring for next couples of day.
Heavy cloud covered the city sky in early morning, apparently the sun was not seen.
Commuters — mostly school-and office-goers — faced problems in reaching their destinations in the morning due to huge traffic jam triggered by the torrential rain.
Vehicles were seen moving slowly on the streets due to the rain, creating traffic congestion in the areas.