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Flood situation in Sylhet further worsens

11The flood situation in Sylhet region has further worsened as more areas have gone under water. About three lakh people of the region have been marooned by the flood waters and they have been experiencing untold sufferings.
Thousands of hectares of Ropa Aman, vegetables fields and other crops have gone under water, which will be fully damaged, agriculturists opined.
Fish of most of the ponds in the district worth taka several crore have gone away, some owners of ponds said. The flood victims have not received any government and non-government financial assistance till now.
A number of markets in Sylhet division, including different upazila headquarters, are now under water. Due to flood, normal life has been paralysed.
It is alleged that the relief allocated for the people of flood affected areas is not enough. Even the allocated relief is not being distributed by the concerned authorities properly.
The flood situation has been created due to the onrush of water from the hills across the border in the river Surma and Kushiara and also heavy rainfalls in the last consecutive days.
The most affected upazilas are : Balaganj, Beanibazar, Fenchuganj, Guainghat, Companyganj, Jointapur, Gulapganj and Sylhet Sadar. Flood waters submerged the major areas of Beanibazar and Balaganj upazilas.
Some affected areas of Beanibazar upazila are : Alinagar, Ramda, Charkhai, Charia, Sewla, Matijura, Dighalbagh, Balinga, Angura, Boyragibazar.
Flood-hit areas of Balaganj upazila are : East Gouripur, West Gouripur, Balaganj Sadar, Dewanbazar, East Poiylenpur, West Poiylenpur and Bualjur unions where thousands of people have been marooned.
Different educational institutions of the affected upazilas have been declared closed.
About three lakh people of the upazilas have been passing their days in an untold condition while their sufferings have increased due to scarcity of safe drinking water.