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Rural infrastructure improvement project being implemented

10Roads and Highway (RHD) has implemented a big project aiming at enhancing the accessibility of the rural people to the markets and economic opportunities in the region with ultimate goal of uplifting their living and livelihood condition.
The One-year project is being implemented in 4 districts under Sylhet divisions at a cost of around Taka 99 crore 99 luck.
According to the officials concerned, main thrust of the project is to increase rural income and to reduce rural poverty through sustainable economic growth, social and gender development and improving infrastructure in the project area.
Under the project, around 85 km of Upazila roads and Six bridge are being upgraded bitumen standard to provide connectivity between agricultural production areas and growth center markets.
The rural road network will ultimately promote overall development of the transportation system. Thereby, socio-economic condition of the rural people will be elevated by providing assistance for higher agricultural production and their marketing.
Indirect project benefits likely to facilitate poverty reduction are increased in farm income, higher crop yields resulting from improvement in the availability and use of fertilizer and other inputs.
Engineer Iftaker Kobir Chief Engineer of  Sylhet  RHD Zone  told that The project have so far been completed and its implementation would in fact further strengthen the overall activities of local government bodies.